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Team Update Jan 20-26-2020

Hits and Conversions

Team Leader Alan Stats 541/353 --3 --10347/2459---16---9 leads (great stats Alan)

Team Leader Jeffrey Stats ( wow nice conversions Jeffrey)
3021/1064 -- 12

Diane: Totals: 10053/2109 -- 19
New System 1411/525 -- 3

Donald: Totals: 563/349 -- 1 (half way there to 1000 hits)

Jasper: Totals: 1077/377 -- 6 (Way to Go Jasper you hit 1000 hits)

Pat B: Totals: 3530/859 -- 4

James C Totals: 64/27 -- 0

Ladislava -- 18/10 -- 0

Rita -- 571/269 -- 1 (half way there to 1000 hits)

Jean -- 471/283 -- 1

Okon --- 331/236 -- 1

David L--- 490/273 -- 1

Shahid --- 1347/608 -- 3

Team leads -- 21

Shahid Mohammed

Remember in order to be eligible for new team members you must maintain 1000 hits a week and also get through our training.

I have added the new team marketing system to step 2.. our upline Martin has created this to use as another tool to grow our GDI business.

If you want to join the system , get with your team leader and get their link to join.. It is free, it has some lead capture pages also.. but you need to plug into AIOP to use some of the pages.. AIOP is also a team build system where we are helping others earn.. so keep that in mind..

The new marketing system does not replace our training.. just a great addition ..

Thank you all working hard ... Team Leaders are needed so we can continue to grow and help others under us... Your goal is to be a team leader ...

if you need anything or have questions , just ask

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Team Update Jan 13-19th , 2020

Hits and Conversions

Team Leader Alan Totals: 490/328 -- 0

10795/2515         15                           0.14%

5 leads

Great Job Alan!


Diane --- 9606/1856 -- 7

I also am testing out a new gdi system where I got 4 conversions, and 4 leads .. and quite a bit of hits..

Donald --- 471/326 -- 0

Jasper --- 770/265 -- 1

Pat B--- 4264/1019 -- 2

Tapan --- 36/33 -- 0

James C --- 214/74 -- 0

Ladislava --- 38/33 -- 0

Rita --- 606/272 -- 1

Jean --- 701/405 -- 0

Okon --- 469/291 -- 0

David L --- 40/34 -- 0

Jeffrey --- 42/22 -- 0

Total Leads: 7 leads

Welcome 2 new members to the team

Paul and David, happy to have you a part of our team

Take a look at this photo..

As you can see not a very good week with conversions.. Not sure why so slow but we must do more hits to get better results .. it will improve..if our hits improve..

I want to show you good results and this week we have much room for improvement.. It is a good lesson.. even when things seem slow there is always things we can do..

Change up our team page, find new places to promote.. click on more credits so we can get more hits to the team link.

As you know we are collectively working together, basically we are all helping each other grow our downlines..

Only a few of us are reaching 1000 hits and over.. I am not sure what the issue is with those of you but it just takes more hits .. this means you need to earn more credits .. Simple solution... and you can do this...

If You want to know your hits mid week, email me ... and I can look them up for you..

Take a look at this photo.. my clicks to earn credits thus for for the dates indicated.. I am accountable to the team.. but this is my stats alone, what are you doing for the team?

This next week will be better as I see it improving already.. so no worries.. Everyone now should know what to do and what is required.. so if you are not sure , contact me asap..

Let's have a good week..

your friend


P.S. Don't forget you should be moving forward with your training... everyone's goal should to become a team leader.. Our training helps set you up for just this...

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Team Update Jan 6 – 12 2020

Hello Team, Hope you are doing well..

We had some really great hits this week.. Wow you all , so proud of you.. Thank you for working so hard.. Remember 1000 hits a week gets you qualified for new members.. You can reach out mid week to see how you are doing on hits..

Many of you are not continuing with the training.. get in touch with your team leader .. as you know your team leader has gone through the training and it is more important than you think..

Hits/Uniques and Conversions

Diane: 10147/2119 -- 10

Donald: 593/395 -- 3

Jasper: 667/304 -- 2

Pat B: 3504/860 -- 4

Tapan: 56/43 -- 1

James C Totals: 247/124 -- 0

Ladislava 38/33 -- 0

Rita 531/278 -- 0

Jean 762/434 -- 0

Okon 56/42 -- 1

Vijay 73/54 -- 0

Total Leads: 19

Welcome New Members: Jean , Andrew , Vijay, Andree


Alan our team leader hits and signups

10273/2455 387/282 -- 14

New Member: Welcome Marianela

A big GET WELL SOON to one of our team leaders (Jeffrey) thinking of you .. Hope to see you back soon!

A big SHOUT OUT to Allan , one of our team leaders.. he has been doing extremely well referring new members .. and not afraid to ask questions.. 🙂

A quick checklist for all members:

1. Communicate with your team leader

2. Post Your Ads Daily

3. Ask mid week how you are doing on hits

4. Continue with the training , even when you are promoting ..

5. Contribute in our Facebook group.

This is what it takes my friends... and we look for those of you willing to follow..

Have a wonderful week..


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Team Update Dec 30th – Jan 5, 2020

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TEAM LEADERS: Hits vs Conversions

Alan Totals: 456/325 -- 1 + 9906/2388  --    12


Jeffrey 2687/1131 -- 4


Diane: Totals: 9322/2101 -- 16

2 New members


Hits vs Conversions

Donald: Totals: 606/388 -- 0

Jasper: Totals: 511/226 -- 3

Karalee: Totals: 43/25 -- 0

Pat B: Totals: 4377/966 -- 2

Tapan: Totals: 25/18 -- 0

James C Totals: 249/125 -- 0

Ladislava 81/71 -- 1

Rita 108/86 -- 0



1000 hits a week min , did you make it.. Congrats to the people that did..

What step of the training do you need? just ask..

Celestino , Aaron, Jean, Alan , Okon

Team members you can see how you done this week.. I feel some of you may not understand what is needed to get new members under you.. there is only so much I can do and I want you to work hard to get the hits..

Here is what we work off of , Communication, Participation, Consistency.. Reach out anytime to your team leader for guidance..

Us team leaders need you just as much as you need us.. We work as a team..

Accountability is huge here on our team, ask yourself how you are doing , are you doing enough.. and are you following what your team leader has done before you?????

So we are looking for more Team Leaders-- Team leaders get all the advantages .. must have 6 under you and have went through all the training..

Enjoy the week.. Who will be our next Team Leader?


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Team Update Dec 23-29th 2019



Here is the STATS FOR THE WEEK..

Hits/Uniques -- Conversions

Alan Totals: 530/356 -- 1 + 9384/2385 -- 20 -- 3 leads

Alan signed up 2 new members this week..WELL DONE!

Michael Inyanda AND Van Lewis-- WELCOME GUYS!

Jeffrey's Totals 6301 -- 6 -- 2 leads


Hits/Uniques -- Conversions

Diane: Totals: 6496/1629 -- 13

Donald: Totals: 571/379 -- 0

Jasper: Totals: 714/316---2

Pat B: Totals: 4091/1394 -- 0

Tapan: Totals: 103/69 -- 0

James C Totals: 298/135 -- 0

Ladislava 127/117 -- 2

1 New member this week --WELCOME Alan Hastie

21 Leads this week


Just a reminder , you need 1000 hits a week min.. and continue with the training to receive new members.. We are looking for team leaders , people that will help others and lead their team.. this is what will keep duplicating and will help grow our business..

Maybe you are getting the hits, but are not completing the training.. Make sure you are communicating and getting the training done.. It is important!

This is not hard , all the training is there , and your team leader is there to help guide you but not do your work.. Your effort will dictate your success..

If you do not want to be a team leader let your team leader know asap.. Everyone should be looking for 6 team leaders so this business continues to duplicate.. sometimes it takes a while because people don't have the same vision nor want to put in the time and effort it really takes.. that is ok we work with those people that want to be part of our family here at gdi team elite..

Reach out and ask for help if you have questions

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” Jim Rohn

your team leaders

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