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Team Update Mar 23-29th 2020

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Hello Team, I hope today finds you well and healthy..

As a team leader I have the ability to see how everyone is doing . It can be a very positive experience to see team members working the training and working the hits.. but as a team leader I do the best I can but the reality is I need everyone to do their part ..

You can join our team because the ideal of getting 6 paid members sounds great, right? the reality is those six will not create longevity of income long term.. unless you become a team leader and help your down line..This is reality! This is what I do! and this is what you must do.. right? Our training teaches you this and duplicates if you follow ..

So why am I telling you this , because I feel some have the ideal of joining and not committing to the reality of yes it takes consistent advertising and consistent communication .. Yes it can be slow at times, what isn't.. but it is so rewarding to get members working with you..

so enough with the pep talk.. πŸ™‚

Here are stats for March 23-29th

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 11912/2229 -- 15

Robert D Totals: 2051/678 -- 4

Fran Totals: 651/277 -- 1

Mike C Totals: 1523/469 -- 1

Wilf Totals: 389/277 -- 0

Heather Totals: 1081/583 -- 0

Mike O Totals: 237/39 -- 2

Shouvik Totals: 1306/557 -- 0

Okon Totals: 998/582 -- 0

Dale T Totals: 3725/1118 -- 5

Team Leads

Welcome Sign, Garden Sign, Garden Decor, Welcome Home

New Signups
Geraldina M
Treza Y

Please look at your stats , each week try to incorporate new mailers because you want to get more conversions, conversions turn into leads.. Leads turn into signups..

Those doing 1000 hits a week and continuing with the training are the first to get new members .. keep that in mind.. we reward others for following our lead..

If you find clicking for credits a pain , then you are not using this tool.. Tembrowser.. I love clicking on ads to earn credits so I can mail to the max everyday... get with your team leader and sign up today..

Have a wonderful week, if you want to chat email or skype .. if you have suggestions, helpful tips, etc.. please share

your team leader , or upline

Diane Mumm

Team Amazon Store

Traffic Sources

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Team Update March 16-22th , 2020

Hi team members, I am so proud of each one of you , working hard on the hits this week..

It has been a great week!

How would you like to have a team of members promoting your team link? well you can... follow our training and get ready to become a team leader.. Always looking for new leaders to join us.. this is how you continue to grow your team once you get your 6 paid members..

Let's get to the hits..

Hits/Uniques -- Conversions

Diane: Totals: 11524/2209 -- 13

Robert D Totals: 3750/1048 -- 4

Fran Totals: 2537/691 -- 2

Mike C Totals: 1572/529 -- 1

Wilf Totals: 342/254 -- 0

Heather Totals: 1150/560 -- 1

Mike O Totals: 2188/268 -- 1

Shouvik Totals: 871/373 -- 1

James C Totals: 212/112 -- 0

Okon Totals: 232/165 -- 0

Hits are good, but so are conversions... if you do not have any , then there is a few things you can do... more hits , and new places to advertise..

Team Leads

New Signups

Peter C
Herbert M
Santhosh A
Dale T

A few reminders:

Communicate with your team leader

Participate on our Facebook group

Continue the training

1000 hits a week

Enjoy your week, and STAY SAFE EVERYONE..

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Leads, Leads, Leads!

I have seen many people say Herculist doesn't get you results and have had people say it does..

So the reason this could be , can depend on your membership.. how many are you mailing , and how often.. ?? This makes all the difference in your results.

So taking a upgrade sometimes is the best option for the best traffic.

Their lifetime gold was so affordable so I went ahead.. and the reason I did upgrade was because I have been tracking my gdi teams stats and Herculist is over 2 % conversions so in my eyes that is worth the money..

See chart below one of the best options for traffic to any offer you have.

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Team Update Mar 9-15th 2020

Hi to all team members,

As I look around and see our team progressing, I am proud of those of you that understand what is needed to work this as a team..

2 new team leaders are coming , as Robert and Fran are now on the final step which is our duplication step.. I am extremely proud of them ..

Image result for way to go

Once you follow the training steps and do the hits , your goal is to become a leader.. Leaders gain authority and are able to take over their downline and continue to build ..

This works great because once you have members under you all promoting a team link this grows your list pretty fast.. and new members come frequently ..

The way we work this training and hits is just brilliant.. If you can't see why then please get more involved because take it from me.. Once you have members working under you , producing hits you will see the results daily..

Thank You to those of you understanding what is needed to advance on our team..

Lets get to the results this week.. amazing to say the least..

Hits/Uniques VS Conversions

Diane: Totals: 9673/1976 -- 21
New Aiop/Gdi System : 317/191 -- 0

Robert D Totals: 4858/1213 -- 8

Fran Totals: 2217/649 -- 3

Mike C Totals: 1959/649 -- 5

Wilf Totals: 349/252 -- 0

Heather Totals: 1799/814 -- 4

Mike O Totals: 2807/301 -- 2

Shouvik Totals: 826/418 -- 0

Jasper Totals: 597/277 -- 2

James C Totals 311/168 -- 0

Your goal when producing hits is to post your ads on several different safelist/mailers , posting on the same ones every day sometimes does not produce conversions.. so keep that in mind .. ok

Team Leads

New Signups

Neal McDowell
Jay Dunker
Rickey Roe

Team members remember to get new members under you , you must continue working through all the steps of the training and 1000 hits a week.. This is not hard to do ..

Have you been to our group lately? How about making it a goal to post once a week , being a question , positive post, etc... I can't do this alone and now is not the time to quiet.. πŸ™‚

Have a great week

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Team Update Mar 2-8th 2020

HI Team, check out our new Facebook banner .. Hope you like it! and I hope you have been coming to our group to see what is going on with GDI.

So how is everyone doing? We had a pretty good week... the hits are fantastic and appreciate those of you doing your part.. This is what it is all about..

We have two upcoming team leaders : Robert D and Fran A.. they are almost through the training and their hits and are in line to be a leader soon... It is Exciting!

Being a team leader is not hard but you must give of your time to your team.. which I feel is very rewarding..

Lets get to the weeks stats..

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Alan Totals: 5230/1887 -- 9

Mike K Totals: 488/243 -- 0

7 Leads

Diane: Totals: 9599/2053 -- 12
New Aiop/Gdi System : 218/150 -- 1

Jasper: Totals: 1118/435 -- 3

Rita Totals: 437/237 -- 1

Robert D Totals: 3837/1203 -- 4

Fran Totals: 2356/748 -- 4

Mike C Totals: 1544/595 -- 6

Wilf Totals: 205/165 -- 0

Heather Totals: 1928/809 -- 6

Mike O Totals: 1351/140 -- 2

Shouvik Totals: 935/468 -- 0

Team leads

New signups

Barry Thigpen Sr
Sara Looker

Quick Tip: When you see someone placed under you.. Send them a quick email welcoming them.. If you are not a team leader yet, your team leader does take care of the training until you become one..

1000 hits a week, and working through the training will put you in line for new members.. but remember we are working with more than you.. be patient do your part and people will be placed under you...

As I leave you today I want to thank you so much for helping with the hits to your team link... When we work together , new members come ...

One last thing , training is so important and I hope you feel it is important as well... if we all do the training steps this duplicates and believe me it works...

3 new banners you can use.. I created these at build a biz, a program we use ... it is under banner builders..

have a wonderful day ... reach out if you have questions..

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Team Update Feb 24 – March 1, 2020

Hits/Uniques *** Conversions

Alan Totals: 4568    --        9

Mike K Totals: 690/368      --     0

5 leads

Jeffrey Totals: 10,931
11 leads

1 new member
Welcome Bil

Diane: Totals: 10004/2076 -- 17
New Aiop/Gdi System : 303/191 0

Jasper Totals: 1337/482 -- 3

Rita Totals: 555/280 -- 4

Robert D Totals: 3680/1171 -- 5

Fran Totals: 1970/697 -- 4

Mike C Totals: 1445/555 -- 5

Wilf Totals: 376/314 -- 0 (Please no Traffic Exchanges)

Heather Totals: 384/217 -- 0

Mike O Totals: 433/73 -- 3

Team leads

New Team signups

Heather Dake
Shouvik Mazumder
Mike Owens

Don't forget in order to have new members placed under you, 1000 hits a week and you should be working on the training until you get through all the steps..

If you feel you are still waiting, please be patient , as you are not the only one... just know the ones following our simple plan will win in the end..

Together we are looking for people that are serious and not quitting when the first sign of difficulty arrives.. Your goal is to get 6 serious members that will become a team leader and continue to grow your downline.. anything else will not be enough.. Do not settle !

You will see many members come and go . some will come back... some you do not want to come back.. because of lack of commitment or seriousness .. and so on... It does take time but you will love when you have members under you helping you promote.. It is really great how we work this collectively advertising as a team..

Well have a good week ahead... reach out to your team leader and work closely..

Don't forget how important Communication is..

talk soon

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