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Team Update June 15-21, 2020

Hi Team, it has been a grand week.. Hope you are doing well..

Team Stats

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 2876/1012 -- 7

Robert D Totals: 93/74 -- 1

Mike C Totals: 1290/389 -- 4 (Team Leader)

Dale T Totals: 510/242 -- 3 (Team Leader)

Nick Totals: 138/70 -- 0

James K Totals: 242/150 -- 2

Charles Totals: 162/116 -- 1

Kris Totals: 1506/555 -- 4

Steve P Totals: 2128/1244 -- 5

Team Leads

New Team Signups for the Week- Great Week everyone
Brian Allerton (Dale T)
Darlene Thompson ( Mike C )
Jesse Pope (Alan W)

You want to earn online, get involved with our team advertising and training.

have a great week


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Team Update June 8-14 2020

Hi Team, I hope today finds you well ..

Our mission at Gdi Team Elite is to help you learn the primary principles of earning online.. We show you the tools that are needed to build your list. We show you how to create lead pages, track your progress and so much more..

If you are not learning these important principles then how can you ever earn and be independent online..

Building your List is No 1- this is why we use a autoresponder (Traffic Wave)

How many of you are building your own list right now.. ? How many of you know how to do this? We show you how to do all of this at gdi team elite..

Once you start building your own list as a team leader and helping your team , earning online will continue to grow.

For now some of you are just working the hits.. Your hits, which the goal is to turn into conversions then leads.. really help grow our team list.. Our team list is where new members come.. it is really exciting!

This is why I created the training we have for our team.. I feel it is really important if you plan to be serious online.

So as a team we help support everyone that is willing to learn to earn.. It is a great feeling when you start to understand the process of affiliate , internet marketing..

Lets get to the Team Stats for week June 8-14

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 3576/1187 -- 6

Robert D Totals: 103/80 -- 0

Mike C Totals: 1230/432 -- 3 (Awesome)

Dale T Totals: 4392/1425 -- 3 (Super)

Nick Totals: 165/101 -- 1

James K Totals: 349/155 1

Charles Totals 196/151 -- 1

Kris Totals 944/433 -- 1

Steve P Totals 2066/759 -- 1 (Fantastic)

Remember: 1000 hits a week and working through our training to become a team leader.. These are the people that will be the first to get new members under them.

Team Leads: 11 , leads are up , YAY!

Team Signups: 3

Abdulwahab G -- Brian A -- Lisa S

Reach out to your team leader if you need help.. We are here .. Have a great week everyone


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Team Update June 1st-7th, 2020

Hello Team, Have we talked lately? either via Skype , email or our Facebook group.?

Ask yourself today why did I join GDI. What is my goal to earning with GDI...

As a team leader I am completely dedicated to growing with all of you... but it does not start with me.. IT STARTS WITH YOU!

You know how many times I have heard from other members of GDI,, saying it didn't work, no one helped me.. I didn't get my 6 paid members..

Ask yourself what have you done ..ask yourself would I join me.. this will pretty much tell you that you either need to get busy or you need to keep doing what you are doing..

I want to thank those of you that understand and are doing what is needed to get leads, traffic and signups.. this only works if we all work together..

So here are our stats for the week.. Our goal will be to get more leads.. they are way down.. but I do understand why.. tis the season.. nice weather more people are doing things offline.. but if we treat this as a business .. All of you should be doing something everyday to move your business forward..

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 2838/952 -- 6

Robert D Totals: 105/82 -- 0

Mike C Totals: 1673/541 -- 1

Dale T Totals: 4694/1392 -- 5 (wtg)

Nick Totals: 196/89 -- 0

James K Totals: 2649/875 -- 10 (nice job James)

As you may have noticed conversions do not always equal to leads.. but some of those conversions do trickle in... our goal must be to do more hits if possible..

Team Leads

New Team Signups for the Week- Great Week everyone
eBusiness Solutions - Coach Kris
A Better Tomorrow - James Brewer
Charles McClure

Congrats to Mike C for bringing in some new members.. He is close to being a team leader.. Also Dale T is very close to be a team leader and is actually working on his own training for his team.. Thank you guys !

As a team we continue to get interest.. so that is what's important..

Well I got to run, reach out, come to our Facebook group

talk soon


P.S. did you see my live video in our group.. Please listen so you know what is needed to belong to our team ..

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Team Update May 25-31st . 2020

Hello Team,

I hope today finds you well and healthy..

Lets's talk about being a team leader and giving of yourself to your team. When I started GDI I knew what was needed and what was expected from me..

Yes you get help receiving new members, but I never waited for help .. I knew in order to be successful in GDI I had to do more than what was expected .. so I did.. and to this day I am happy with how everything turned out..

It seems that some members do not understand that helping others is where the money lies.. It seems like people don't understand sometimes you have to do more than expected to see results..

GDI is not a fast money maker but it does work.. I mean how can you expect to make fast money with a $10 program.. this is why we use tools in our training to earn on additional programs.. and it works if people follow the team plan..

If you do not know how to recruit , you must learn how... this is why we help you , we train you... you are not alone..

I feel we have a great program and when people follow and do the requirements , it is gold.. It works, and it duplicates..

I am looking for leaders , leaders continue to promote and help their downline.. If you think 6 paid members is great, yes it is .. but teaching those 6 to get their 6 is so much sweeter..

This is why if you plan to succeed with GDI, you must be willing to help others .. You expect help, is that correct.. ? well then your team members expect help as well.. this is where team leaders come in to help their downline duplicate ..

This is the only way this works.. Yes there is going to be slow times, Yes there is going to be frustrations... and Yes those that communicate with their team leaders are the ones that get attention.. Those that produce 1000 hits a week continuously are the ones that get new members.. and those of you that get through the training are the ones that will succeed ..

This is not hard .. if you follow everything in the training and communicate with your team leader you will do fine.. but don't expect something for not putting in your time..

We work as a team... Team means sometimes you have to help others to gain results..

Team Stats

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 4218/1221 -- 9

Robert D Totals: 117/91 -- 0

Mike C Totals: 1643/494 -- 1

Dale T Totals: 4862/1363 -- 7

Nick Totals: 286/120 -- 0

James K Totals: 1674/682 -- 0

Team Leads

Team leads have been low , my hopes this changes soon..

Questions: do you read mails everyday? Are you getting enough hits a week to see conversions?..

3 New Team Signups for the Week- Great Week everyone
Irene Brooks- Dianes Team
Marc BUJO- Alans Team
Michael Moon- Dianes Team

Reach out.. questions, concerns, etc

talk soon


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