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Gdi Team Update July 20-26, 2020

Hello Team..
I am going to start to add my team leaders stats.. these guys are working hard for their team , as well as those under them producing hits to gain leads to produce signups.. Yes, it is a little slow online being Summer , but this will change soon.. in the mean time improve your skills, get through the training .. HITS/UNIQUES--CONVERSIONS Diane: 4379/1209--10 -- 2641/917-- 4 Dale T: 2573 1124 -- 4 Alan: 4043/1701 -- 1 Mike C Total Leads: 17
NEW MEMBERS- WELCOME DOUGLAS AND BUPATHY By now YES we should have more team leaders, but the fact is many won't do what is necessary to help others.. TEAM LEADERS ROCK!.. AND I AM SO PROUD OF THESE GUYS.. Why join GDI , and get your 6, then decide NO, I do not want to be a team leader.. HOW are you really going to make any money if you do not plan to help your downline.. IT WON'T WORK! Please listen to those that are doing what is working, and stop thinking you can do this alone, with no training, no skills, no communication... THIS DOES NOT WORK!
I am just being HONEST, and those of you that plan to earn online , and not learn to help others , YOU ARE JUST KIDDING YOURSELF, Have you learned these important skills like my upline Albie  has laid out.. You need to learn the 5 critical skills, master them..if you plan on having a future in internet marketing.
  1. Advertising
  2. Make your own lead capture pages, why use what everyone else is using, they are used up .
  3. Build Your List- need a autoresponder for this
  4. Communicate with your List- and also your team.. Very Important!
  5. Learn How to Use Funnels
This is all pretty much taught to you in our training... Have You done the training? I hope you all can see how I want you to succeed online.. It is very hard to do alone, follow your team leader and get the training under your belt... Master these skills for longevity of earning online.. thanks
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Team Update July 6 -19, 2020

Hi Team, we have some great progress this last 2 weeks .. the team overall is growing..

All my active members have been passed on to my team leaders now .. The leaders are now working with their active members..

Here is my hits, Dale T and Kris stats: Kris will be doing hits now for Mike C, and Dale T is now a team leader.. leading his own downline..

Diane : 4645/1171 -- 12
380/213 -- 1

Dale T 147/103 -- 0

Kris 402/219 -- 1

Diane: 7380/1796 -- 17
459/268 -- 1

Kris 376/210 -- 0

Leads: 23 leads

Signups: 9 (this is our complete team signups) WTG Team


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All you have to do is follow your team leader, get 1000 hits a week, get through all the steps of the training and you will receive 6 paid members.. How soon this happens depends on each person's effort.. and the team's effort overall..

When you learn new skills you set yourself up to earn more online..

Everyone should have an autoresponder, once you get through our training because we are teaching you how to build your own list..

I also cleaned up the team links, those that are inactive or quit have now been deleted.. so if you want to come back and work this as a team I will have to create a new team link for you..

Reach out to your team leader if you are needing assistance.. May you have a wonderful week ahead


Team Leader of GDI Team Integrity

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Team Update June 29th-July 5, 2020

Hello all members of GDI Team Elite.. How is your advertising going?.. Most of the new members are now working with their new team leaders which is so exciting to see..

Alan, Mike and Dale , I am so proud of you becoming team leaders.. Leaders know that helping others is where the income comes from as we work GDI..

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 5037/1373 -- 19
484/258 -- 2

Robert D Totals: 113/86 -- 0

Dale T Totals: 237/161 -- 0

Kris 633/343 -- 0

Steve P 131/113 -- 0

Team Leads 22

Welcome new members - Members that have joined somewhere in my downline this week.. Great Week everyone
Rickey Braud
Payal Pathak
Peter Chungu

Remember how important training is.. Do not think you can go it alone or just sit back and earn.. We work as a team.. We advertise as a team, Leads come in for the team..

If you currently are not involved with our team training and advertising, get with your team leader so you can get started..

Have a great weekend..


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Team Update June 22-28th , 2020

Hi Team, here is the team update

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 2565/914 -- 4
1798/766 -- 4

Mike C Totals: 237/126 -- 1

Dale T Totals: 198/124 -- 0

Nick Totals: 102/34 -- 0

James K Totals: 295/173 -- 1

Kris Totals: 782/354 -- 1 (should be now producing hits for Mike C)

Steve P Totals: 445/372 -- 0 ( Is now producing hits for Dale T)

Team Leads

New Team Signups for the Week- Great Week everyone
Charles Chow
Payal Pathak

Remember 1000 hits a week and working through the training to be eligible for paid members..

We now have 2 additional team leaders, Mike C and Dale T... They have already taken over their downline and are working with them.. This is how we do this here at GDI Team Elite..

If you want to advertise with us , get with your team leader to get your own team link..

If you are not earning online.. participate with our team .. It is real simple and it works.. but this is a slow and steady business.. Expect to work at your business everyday to see some return..

Reach out to your team leader, questions, ask..

Have a great week!


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