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Team Integrity Update Aug 3rd – Aug. 16th , 2020

Hi Team, hope everyone is doing great.. I am currently looking for some new people eager and dedicated to work with our team.. All you need to do is help us advertise , work our training , communicate and be consistent.. Thanks to our team leaders for leading their teams.. hang in there, I know it is quiet online right now.. but this will change very soon..
3941/1217 9
632/301 0
329/118 1
1266/498 0
1430/565 3
Hits , working on several campaigns to bring people into GDI 3 new members have joined our team August is really slow online, so now is a great time to increase your skills, get through the training . Get your credits built up so you can mail without the stress of feeling you must click every day.. Monday Aug 17th video , this video is in our Facebook group..have you been to our group lately? So be ready for Fall and Winter months because it is coming fast and is always busier.
talk soon.. reach out on skype at diane.mumm
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