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Week Team Update-April 22-28-2019

Hello Team, 

This is Diane , your sponsor or upline at GDI 

We have had an exciting week with our team. 

Welcome new members this week : Marie, Sherry and Melvin 

Sandy, Raimo , and Keith let me know how you are doing.. 

James is working on Step 2 

Christina is working on the steps and soon to be on step 4 

Sherry is on Step 4 , created her capture page and is already promoting GDI and the team link.. well done.. 

Sherry also received her first team member , Melvin.. awesome! 

Remember to do what is necessary to earn your learning bonus of $25 .. don't miss this mon ey 

You can see your learning bonus link in the back office . 

Any questions let me know.. 

So what do you think of our training? 

Make sure and listen to the audio videos here

So go and your own pace and don't feel you have to hurry.. We want you to absorb this information so you understand the importance of it.. 

Many don't realize how important it is with building your foundation . Learning some skills so you can help not only yourself but your team members. 

You will not be alone in this journey.. Trust me! but I hope it is your goal to take this serious and learn all you can.. 

If you ever get stuck, reach out.. don't sit back and get frustrated , ok.. 

You are going to learn so many things in the coming weeks.. and it is exciting because we have all started where you may be now.. 

Be prepared as I will be reaching out to you after each lesson , as you may have seen there is questions at the end of each lesson.. there not hard but it will get you thinking.. 🙂 

I wish for you a pleasant week ahead.. 

You know how to reach me .. 

your team leader 

Diane Mumm

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