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What is an Autoresponder

Why is a autoresponder so important? Do You Need One? 

A autoresponder is a way to communicate through email to those that have signed up for your mailing list information.. I call it also a email marketing tool..

30 Minute List Building Challenge

Autoresponder is important if you plan to do business online , if you plan to earn a income online and so on..

With a autoresponder you start building your list , building a list of people can potentially lead you to earning a income online..

Without it , it will be hard to grow online , as most people need several communications before they decide to make a decision to spend  money, to join you in a business and so on..

Yes you need one.. you need one to build your list of potential customers.. and to send information to your list periodically to help them, to share with them new products, new tools, anything that can help them grow their business online..

Having a autoresponder gives you the freedom to setup your emails in sequence , to mail daily , or every other day and so on.. You can also blast a email to your entire list whenever you choose..

but remember never to overwhelm your list with spamming your products, offer some value , things that can help them and tips, freebies, books, strategies, and more..

Be creative!

Email delivery can be tricky as most email filters these days are set  up to look for spam, so make sure and not make your email too spammy..

A few tips would be:

Not to many links in your email..

Don’t use spammy words, you can find this out by googling spam checker.. there should be a f..ree one to check your email before sending.. however it is not always accurate..

Being very personable in your mailings is so very important.. I like to add a picture, send videos , and anything to let the recipient know I am a real person..

When you are working a business online , you will need some tools..

Watch video to see why you need a autoresponder

Building Your List

The most important thing you should be doing online is building a list. so learn how to get a autoresponder setup so you can capture your leads in a opt in form.. many times I see people using a company replicated website and sending people directly to that page. No opt in form whatsoever.. Sure it is easily but it doesn’t usually work.. One thing that is wrong with this method is you are not capturing the lead. People go to your page and then go off of it right away usually.

The best thing I have heard is to build curiosity. Create a splash page with your optin form . There is many methods that work but here is a few examples.

Create your splash page, lead capture page or lead magnet , whatever you want to call it..

What will your page be about here is some examples

Giving something away is great , make sure it offers value. This is on the front end.. you can see I offered you this free training.. This gave me the opportunity to correspond with you.. and it does work.. Always place Value!

Next  give plenty of value as far as things you have learned online , content is your email series should be of content and value..  always be helpful .. you can always link to what you are doing within those emails..

In the coming emails you send out to your list.. Give the benefits of a product, or service.. tell them why they should get this product.. the best products are those that solve problems..

What are you passionate about.. ? Create a splash page around that.. Find resources and tools that can help you earn a income around what you love to do.. sometimes this is easier as you already have a interest in it.. There is a lot of affiliate programs in specific niches..

Yes you can giveaway other people’s training if they offer it for free.. It is a good start.. as you learn and grow create your own training and content.. This is where you will build your personal brand.

In conclusion , once you learn how to build your list using a autoresponder and lead capture page . You will not have to solely depend on using companies capture pages nor someone elses identity..

When you can create your own pages and be able to change them whenever you choose then you are different and unique online..

If you want to be unique and different but just don't have the time let DMO LCP Services create these pages for you.

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Do You Cloak Your Links?

Have you been cloaking your links?

If you are not , you may be losing out in referrals and commissions..

and here is why…as a example

here is my affiliate link for a safelist

Here is my cloaked link

Ok look at this number  at the end , this is my id to this mailer..what some are doing is taking off the end of the url and just signing up under the main domain.. 

So what you must do is cloak all your affiliate links … mainly for your mlm programs or your programs you are doing online where commissions are involved..

At build a biz , we make this easy to change your link and make it a link no one can change..

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.. You add your info , choose from a couple of domain urls.. and you also have other options that can increase your referrals.. you may need to click on display images in your settings..

You also will get details on clicks to your url, so you can cloak, track, shrink and brand.. very important tool for anyone working online..

So if you haven’t upgraded yet or even joined us at build a biz online , give it a try for a month at just 5.75 a month.. Use our tools, we have immense value unseen of anywhere else online..

if you are a free member, go to your back office and click on upgrade to pro .. that is if you are ready..

If you have questions, ask away… 

talk soon,

Diane Mumm

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Creating Clickable Links Inside GDI WordPress Blog Platform

Create a post or page

Highlight the words or click on the word you want to make clickable

For example, Learn More here..

Click on the html editor link icon

Add some text as I did above, add the link where you want people to go once they click on the link.

Make sure and apply the url you placed in the clicking on the arrow

Then open the link options and if you want the link to open in a new window choose that option..

Watch the video for more details..


How to Use the Product and Service at GDI?

So with the GDI product and service , you receive domain, hosting, wordpress blog or sitebuilder for just $10 a month.. This is an amazing price with a affiliate program attached if you choose to participate.

Today we are going to talk about the How you can use the product and service GDI provides using a wordpress blog platform .

If you decide you want to earn some side income with this company. I highly recommend under your .ws domain to create a GDI hub or training blog for your team members.

You can also create a website of a specific niche you are in. What are you interested in? Do you have hobbies? Are you currently in another business that you need a website for?

You should also have a subdomain , mine is I decided to use my main domain for my main Hub for GDI training.

The wordpress blog you are on now is , this is the domain I created when I joined.. It is hosted by GDI and this is the product and service of $10 I am paying for each month. is domain I am using to create all the things you need to know regarding GDI.

This training blog I created not only gives myself a place to reference training but your team members have a place to go when they need additional training.

Maybe you just want the product and service but not the affiliate program, that is something you need to decide.

You have a few options. I suggest do what works the best for you as I do not know how you want to use the product and service here at GDI.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.

your gdi team leader,

Diane MUmm


Week Team Update-April 22-28-2019

Hello Team, 

This is Diane , your sponsor or upline at GDI 

We have had an exciting week with our team. 

Welcome new members this week : Marie, Sherry and Melvin 

Sandy, Raimo , and Keith let me know how you are doing.. 

James is working on Step 2 

Christina is working on the steps and soon to be on step 4 

Sherry is on Step 4 , created her capture page and is already promoting GDI and the team link.. well done.. 

Sherry also received her first team member , Melvin.. awesome! 

Remember to do what is necessary to earn your learning bonus of $25 .. don't miss this mon ey 

You can see your learning bonus link in the back office . 

Any questions let me know.. 

So what do you think of our training? 

Make sure and listen to the audio videos here

So go and your own pace and don't feel you have to hurry.. We want you to absorb this information so you understand the importance of it.. 

Many don't realize how important it is with building your foundation . Learning some skills so you can help not only yourself but your team members. 

You will not be alone in this journey.. Trust me! but I hope it is your goal to take this serious and learn all you can.. 

If you ever get stuck, reach out.. don't sit back and get frustrated , ok.. 

You are going to learn so many things in the coming weeks.. and it is exciting because we have all started where you may be now.. 

Be prepared as I will be reaching out to you after each lesson , as you may have seen there is questions at the end of each lesson.. there not hard but it will get you thinking.. 🙂 

I wish for you a pleasant week ahead.. 

You know how to reach me .. 

your team leader 

Diane Mumm


Many People Online Need Help

Hello friends,

I feel so inspired today to reach out to you..

I have been receiving a lot of emails of people not having success online or maybe just in life.

It is a common theme.. and in their eyes a frustrating one.

What is needed to really find some sort of success is first:

Believing in Yourself!

Find a Team of Leaders.

Get the Training while building your foundation..

Not many are doing this.. if you go from reading the ads you see all over the net and go right into advertising a link .. You really are missing the something very important.

What is that? .. Building You and your core foundation.. Learning some skills and knowledge .. without this you are going to run into road blocks and struggles that you will not know how to handle.

You need a team.. You need some leaders that are willing to give you the blueprint . You need to change your mindset and you need to communicate.

Wow I need to do all of that , you say.. Yes it is vitally important and if you want this , you will find a way to do it.

so YOU are the one that makes this happen..

so the ball is in your court.. Believe in yourself.. let doubt put a back seat in your mind and put belief in your heart..

have a wonderful day

your friend

Diane Mumm

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How to Change the Background Image

When you start to work with your gdi blog, you may want to make some simple changes to it . These changes can help either personalize to you , or to your specific niche.

Your worpress log in should look something like this


One thing I forgot to mention is there is a drop down section

I would just experiment with this feature to see what looks best..

We are here to support you,

We are GDI Team Elite


Creating Screen Recordings

Using Screen cast o matic for your screen recordings

I use screencast o matic for my tutorial videos it works really well..

I did upgrade to get more options but it is not necessary.. If you decide to use this software I can get you 20% off 

Just depends on what you are wanting out of the software..

This software is very useful if you are wanting to record anything on your desktop, laptop. You are able to use your webcam also , this helps to personalize your videos.


How to Brand YOU, Using Canva!

You can easily brand yourself online. It is time to stop branding other people when you create posts, advertise , etc.

If you are learning the skills , and constantly educating yourself online. Then you are on your way to branding you.

Do you know how easy it is to create branding material like my banner above?

You can do it free too! Go to

It is one of the best tools I have found to create unique banners, and marketing material.. You will love it!

It's your turn to shine. if you are interested in online training and belonging to a team click here

.. Let's talk soon!

P.S. "If you want to make more money, become MORE VALUABLE to the marketplace."
Jim Rohn

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Creating Your Own Polls

If you are wanting to create polls with either your list or place on a website, etc.. I have been using this one, and it is not an affiliate link. just sharing what I use..

Here is one example of one of the polls I created on My viral mailer

You can create your own at

Best wishes,

Diane Mumm