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Training and Support for GDI Business

Creating Your Own Polls

If you are wanting to create polls with either your list or place on a website, etc.. I have been using this one, and it is not an affiliate link. just sharing what I use..

Here is one example of one of the polls I created on My viral mailer

You can create your own at

Best wishes,

Diane Mumm


Offline Training

The Not-Magic Recruiting Formula- this video will help you understand how to work your business offline.


GDI Team Elite

April 4, 2019 I started my journey with Global Domains International. Why, because I found some relatable people that I have come to know online and I wanted to be part of a team atmosphere with training that will benefit everyone.

So needless to say I am extremely excited to be part of  GDI Team Elite. Mostly because of the team effort and training.

I also know so much more about marketing, mindset and working to help others.

Look forward to building a valuable business with GDI

Know Your Why- My why is I am looking to secure our retirement. I also would love to buy a summer home in the mountains of Colorado.

I too want to show my husband I work online because I am doing something for the both of us..

Thank you for visiting and reach out to chat anytime..

your friend

Diane Mumm

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