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Creating Clickable Links Inside GDI WordPress Blog Platform

Create a post or page

Highlight the words or click on the word you want to make clickable

For example, Learn More here..

Click on the html editor link icon

Add some text as I did above, add the link where you want people to go once they click on the link.

Make sure and apply the url you placed in the clicking on the arrow

Then open the link options and if you want the link to open in a new window choose that option..

Watch the video for more details..


How to Use the Product and Service at GDI?

So with the GDI product and service , you receive domain, hosting, wordpress blog or sitebuilder for just $10 a month.. This is an amazing price with a affiliate program attached if you choose to participate.

Today we are going to talk about the How you can use the product and service GDI provides using a wordpress blog platform .

If you decide you want to earn some side income with this company. I highly recommend under your .ws domain to create a GDI hub or training blog for your team members.

You can also create a website of a specific niche you are in. What are you interested in? Do you have hobbies? Are you currently in another business that you need a website for?

You should also have a subdomain , mine is I decided to use my main domain for my main Hub for GDI training.

The wordpress blog you are on now is , this is the domain I created when I joined.. It is hosted by GDI and this is the product and service of $10 I am paying for each month. is domain I am using to create all the things you need to know regarding GDI.

This training blog I created not only gives myself a place to reference training but your team members have a place to go when they need additional training.

Maybe you just want the product and service but not the affiliate program, that is something you need to decide.

You have a few options. I suggest do what works the best for you as I do not know how you want to use the product and service here at GDI.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.

your gdi team leader,

Diane MUmm


How to Change the Background Image

When you start to work with your gdi blog, you may want to make some simple changes to it . These changes can help either personalize to you , or to your specific niche.

Your worpress log in should look something like this


One thing I forgot to mention is there is a drop down section

I would just experiment with this feature to see what looks best..

We are here to support you,

We are GDI Team Elite