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Do You Cloak Your Links?

Have you been cloaking your links?

If you are not , you may be losing out in referrals and commissions..

and here is why…as a example

here is my affiliate link for a safelist

Here is my cloaked link

Ok look at this number  at the end , this is my id to this mailer..what some are doing is taking off the end of the url and just signing up under the main domain.. 

So what you must do is cloak all your affiliate links … mainly for your mlm programs or your programs you are doing online where commissions are involved..

At build a biz , we make this easy to change your link and make it a link no one can change..

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.. You add your info , choose from a couple of domain urls.. and you also have other options that can increase your referrals.. you may need to click on display images in your settings..

You also will get details on clicks to your url, so you can cloak, track, shrink and brand.. very important tool for anyone working online..

So if you haven’t upgraded yet or even joined us at build a biz online , give it a try for a month at just 5.75 a month.. Use our tools, we have immense value unseen of anywhere else online..

if you are a free member, go to your back office and click on upgrade to pro .. that is if you are ready..

If you have questions, ask away… 

talk soon,

Diane Mumm

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