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Gdi Member Introduction

New GDI members introduction

Welcome to Gdi video:

What we find most important to your success is Communication and Consistency.

We work off of communication, effort and improving your online skills..So it is up to you to communicate with your direct sponsor on a weekly basis..

We give our training one step at a time to each member that joins gdi under you.. Each member is to ask for the next step once they complete the previous step.

This way you are constantly communicating and building a solid relationship with your downline.

So what you need to really know is the secret to earning online.. The secret is YOU, how much are you willing to do to be successful online. How does the saying go: People that are Successful do what others won't do!

In the coming days , you will be receiving things to do and setup.

We want to keep this training simple, but also to show you how to learn to earn..

When you get to step 4 or beyond , you will receive your first new member.. This also is one of the requirements for your Learning Bonus.. From there your dedication , commitment and loyalty to our team will dictate what happens next.. This will also show me how serious you really are in working with our team.

You will also need to maintain 1000 hits a week to be eligible for new team members.

Because once you get through this training, you will receive a copy of it and give each step to the people that join under you..

As a team your upline will be here to support and guide you.. Your goal and responsibility is to setup or implement each step as we move forward.

Sound Fair! ok Great!

***Let's get started on step one, email and ask for step 1