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GDI Learning Bonus

You can earn $25 just by completing your GDI Learning Bonus!  If you start doing it during  your 7-day GDI FREE trial and when you have it completed you will earn $25 bonus at the end of the 8 week period.

You can also earn $250 if you strive for the Duplicate Bonus. Once you have completed your learning bonus, you are eligible for this duplicate bonus.  To get this $250 bonus you need to have 10 active members in your downline group to complete their $25 learning bonus also. Your own completion of the learning bonus will count as 1, so you only need 9 more members to complete it too.

If you wish to join GDI to get an account...Join GDI ===>CLICK HERE


Here are Step by Step Instructions to Complete GDI Learning Bonus.

A. Log into your GDI back office.

B. On the left hand side, click GDI Bonus.

C. Scroll down and click GDI Learning Bonus. Everything will be grayed out because you have not done anything yet.

It should look like this , the last step will automatically be marked as completed within 24 hours of (your date) as long as your account is active and in good standing.)