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Teams Stats Oct 14- 28th 2019

Clictrax tracking is a fantastic tool! Here is Alan's, Karalee's and Pat's stats below..

Keep posting and try new mailers with our ads.. doing the same mailers all the time may not get you the best results..

These stats are from the last 2 weeks, your total stats are in the blue box.. The list of stats is your date/hits/conversions/ from the 14th -28th

So sure I would like to see more people getting involved . Some choose to just use our service and others want to earn online.. by helping the team placing ads..

Sharon, Russell, and Rae have a team link.. Let me know if you want to start our training and really want to learn how to earn online..

This needs to be said I have given many hours to this team.. but I can't make you do anything.. I am looking for leaders .. those that want to learn to earn.. and those that want to stick around even when things are slow..

Quick question , why did you join? We have Training, support and leaders that stick around...

Thank you to those that continue to place ads.. it is about commitment and being consistent..

21 Leads for the last 2 weeks
Signups- 2 . low because of lack of hits to the team link.. all of you promoting are doing great , we just need more people doing so and they will come in time..

What's New, new training only 7 steps then the final duplication step for those wanting to build their own team.. which is highly recommended..

Focusing on building your list, using a autoresponder, creating your own capture pages, and using a tracker..We can do all of this with just a few tools! These tools bring in more income for you..

Welcome Tapan, to our team..

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