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Safelist Marketing Tips

Does Safelist Marketing  Work?

Absolutely ,  Below is a few tips  from what has worked for me and what I have learned also from using safelists for my marketing needs.

Safelist Marketing is one of the fastest, simplest methods of getting your ads out to potential prospects.

I use safelists and viral mailers everyday.. Safelist mailers  are list of people (kinda like a membership) that are advertising their business just like you are.. Everyone must click on links to get credits to mail daily.. most are free to join with a option to upgrade .. which can be beneficial if you have the money to do so..

I mail to thousands of people daily, my goal is to have over 1000 clicks to my ads daily, more is even better..

I keep adding tips so bookmark my marketing blog today

Tip #1

Write a good subject line, keep it short and to the point..

Such as ask a question??.. Provide a solution to a problem.. or Make a Statement! Something to create curiosity is key..

When people are reading your email subject , sometimes they are scrolling through looking for something interesting..

You will also see many use special characters before and after their subject line.. such as ((( @@@ ###

Some safelists however prohibit this but some will let you add the characters.

Another thing to consider is changing your subject line often. Not only will you get more clicks to your ad, google gmail also likes this when the mails get delivered to each members gmail inboxes.


In your email message, keep it short and also to the point.. Do not put links in your email message of each safelist. This can cause your message to not go through their spam filters. It  is just a distraction.. keep your emails simple and get to the point..

I use a html editor to help my messages stand out a little better.. we have a nice working one included with the upgrade  at build a biz online tool suite

Always use your signature at the end of your message, this is a good form of branding .. It is up to you if you want to add your contact information.


Use a tracker to track all your ads . We have one at build a biz online  (check it out for free) Upgrades 5.75 and 10.00 a month for a gob of marketing tools.. You do want to find out where your best results are coming from.. Trackers are very important!

Trackers are designed to help you know where your marketing is most being useful.. you do not want to market where there is no active list in a mailer and believe me some mailers are not cleaned and you are wasting your credits to a non active mailer..People sign up and then never again use that mailer making you waste all your time.. so please use a tracker..


Don’t hide behind your message/ splash page , etc.. The more personable / transparent you are the better. Add a photo if you can.. video is better… People only trust others they get to know , like and  again trust online.. If you are able to add a photo via the safelist back office , make sure and do it..

Believe it or not People Join People , not necessarily the business… 


This brings me to our next tip.. Add video on your website page/ splash page , etc .. this can draw immediate attention …do this only if you are creating your own splash page../ or your ad has a place to put a video. You can learn all about video marketing here.

Tip #6

Instead of pitching your business , Try solving a problem by creating a splash page that will help find a solution to this problem.. Make sure and have a opt in form so you can email to them how to solve this problem by doing this…. and so on..make sense.. This process will begin your building a list of potential customers / team members.  This is building a relationship with your list… When you go to email them via your autoresponder (I use this one @ build a biz online)   you will  share free tools / services  first , then eventually move into paid services / businesses,  you are involved with..  I plan to do this more very soon!


Repetition Works! If you plan to promote one specific business. They say People need to see your ad at least 7 times/more or less .. before they take action..  I don’t think  rotating several ads works .. In my marketing I have found advertising the same splash page /ad works best.. You will know when leads lessen and you may need to tweak your ad..

It is important for potential customers to see you are stable , serious ,  committed and not jumping around to program to program.. This has brought me the best results.. So being repetitive in your marketing is key.. You can agree to disagree but this has worked for me..I do have an exception, when I am marketing , marketing tools..


Mail to the Entire List that is allowed per mailer..

It is most effective that you mail to the entire list within each viral safelist mailer.. For an example if they have 1055 members, don’t just earn 500 credits and mail to 500 people. You want to mail to the entire list.. 

There is a few reasons for this .. 

Not all members are currently active , they may be subscribed member but they may not be a active member..Meaning have they logged in , have they clicked on ads, and have they used the mailer lately..

There will be some members that join mailers and never use them.. there will be some members that only choose to use the mailer every once in a while.. and there will be members who use the mailer daily , those are the members you will most appreciate..and will see your ads..

Some mailers let you mail to all members even though you are a free member, some mailers only let you mail to a portion of the members  if you are a free member..Mailing to just a few members is a hit and miss approach .. You want to take advantage of the entire list at all times..this is also why upgrading to mailers is so worth doing ,  as some mailers only let you mail to part of the list.. so keep that in mind..

So when placing your ad, try to mail to the entire list of what is allowed for each mailer.. Earn the credits you need for  each day.. This is Very Important! for you to reach the members that are active at the current time..

You will get the best results to your ads if you follow this guideline..

Tip# 9

Fill in Down-line Builder , Add your Banner and Text Ads

With every viral mailer, traffic exchange there will be a downline builder.

Down line Builder are designed to put your referral link in the box and when your referrals do the same you can earn a new referral for a specific program , mailer, etc.

This can bring you income now and later.. It is important you take the time to do so..otherwise the owner of the program will get the referral and you don’t want to lose out on commissions..

Sure it takes time.. There is a really neat program by Marty Petrizza that fills in your referral ids for many programs, mailers  you are  a member of.. once you have put them in place in this program they will be updated automatically. You just have to do a few things to You can check it out here Downline Builder Elite

Now let’s talk about banners and texts.

Once you signed up to a mailer, traffic exchange , you usually but not always will receive free impressions . Make sure and take advantage of adding your banners to your programs. It only takes a few minutes. Do so with texts ads too.. These will be shown throughout the mailer and on members ads when you are earning credits. This can give you signups to whatever you are promoting.

Tip# 10

Have you been cloaking your affiliate links?

If you are not , you may be losing out in referrals and commissions..

Here is why…as a example

here is my affiliate link for my viral mailer.

Ok look at this number  at the end , this is my id to this mailer..what some are doing is taking off the end of the url and just signing up under the main domain..

Here is what it looks like when it is cloaked.

So what you must do is cloak all your affiliate links … mainly for your mlm programs or your programs you are doing online where commissions are involved..

Sure I am going to share what I use . We have a neat little tool at BABO that lets you cloak very quickly and easily. You can join free check out the program , then upgrade it is worth the 5.75 a month. JOIN  BABO

Tip# 11

Should I upgrade to safelists,  Is it worth the Cost?

Good Question!

Yes and No

I have upgraded to several safelists and I will tell you why.. and what you should be looking for..

I must tell you all my upgraded safelists are the same safelists I have results in meaning I get signups  and subscribers to build my list and this is your ultimate goal..

and why is that..

Well many of them I can mail to twice a day .. which means people see my ad more..

Those I am upgraded to , each month you receive several credits to really help you jump start your marketing. However you will need to still read to get credits… they don’t always last a full month..

I usually like to do lifetime upgrades, in the long run it is worth the money. Yearly upgrades are also good for the price!

What to watch out for.

1)Upgrade to safelist with owners you know will stick around and also have other safelist they are running successfully..Also good to look at are the owners continuing to grow their mailers.

2)Watch for how many are using the mailer..(sending out daily)  If it says 1000 subscribers, and only 1 click to your ad.. I wouldn’t upgrade nor use this mailer..To keep track of this you must use a tracker..

Here is my link tracker I highly recommend I use ClicTrac 

3)Upgrade  to those giving you several thousands credits, and also letting you mail more than once a day.. (this is my preference)

4)If  you ask a question of a safelist owner with no response .. I would questioned their business tactics..

5)Some safelist owners clean their list of non active subscribers.. those are really good, not all owners do this.. You really want to be using your time wisely and not mailing to a dead mailer…that is why a tracker is so important..

Overall if you are seeing results meaning opt ins to your splash page , clicks to your ads, and a active mailer.. then upgrading to these mailers is a good choice..

Do you have to upgrade? No,  but it does help free of your time a bit and you will see more progress faster if you do..and it is a good investment..

There is many good mailers out there.. You must do your own due diligence and track everything.. I use ClicTrac 

Since everyone has different results.. It is really a important step you should not pass over..

Tip# 12

Gmail Rules: Most viral mail owners only allow for gmail accounts. If you don’t add a gmail account you may get suspended so be aware of this happening..

Gmail is best but not without issues too, as gmail is always changing too

Here is a few tips to help you keep your account in good standing with each individual mailer account.

1) Only use gmail account, no other is allowed.

2) Only allow so many mailers per gmail account. If you have mails coming in to fast from several mailers or are over quota , most likely they will not get delivered on schedule. The emails could possibly
bounce, causing suspension of your account within this specific mailer.

3) Keep your gmail accounts cleaned out, this includes inbox and trash. You may want to get on a schedule of daily on inbox and every week on trash..

Let’s recap: Maintain your inbox, and trash. Don’t add too many mailers to one gmail account . It is easy to open multiple gmail accounts.

Tip# 13

Market daily or at least 5 times a week.. if you can.. I know life is busy.. do what you can… It can take a few hours to earn credits and then mail to every safelist you have joined.. Being consistent you will find will bring you the best results. Start with 10 safelists and then build on those.. You will get the hang of it fast .. and it really works if you follow these tips ..

” Now to really understand Safelist Marketing for Free, get the ebook below.. it will show you exactly how to set everything up.. Well worth the read!”

Don’t know anything about safelist marketing well this will help you greatly.. and it is FREE

Let’s go over this again..

So Some say safelists don’t work.. well I beg to differ..

Marketing with safelists may not have worked for a number of reasons..

1)You are pitching a expensive program.

2)You are pitching your mlm or business offer upfront.. no benefit , free gift or solution to any problem us marketers face day to day online..

3) No branding– It is key to brand your emails, your ad, with either a video , photo, and signature..

4)You are not being consistent.. You must place your same ads daily.. Test them out , give it a good week with the same ad..  and you must have around 1000 hits to your ad.. sometimes less.. depending on the safelist.. if there is no conversion, then tweak the ad..

5) You are program hopping- Joining every new program that comes out..

6) You are not creating a splash page, with a opt in form.. You want to build your list.. Sending them straight away to your offer usually doesn’t work for most..and you are losing out on communicating with your potential customers..

7) You are placing your ads in a dead mailer.. See not all safelist mailers are created equal.. so it is important to track your ads, to see what mailers are getting the most clicks and also where the opt in are coming from.. Most mailers have a click thru rate section, so you can watch that to see if your ads are being click on.. but I take it one step further to see exactly where the opts in come from.. I use ClicTrac 

8) So someone said everyone is advertising on safelist no one is buying, so untrue again..We are promoting to the right market, internet marketers.. As a internet marketer it is our job to share with others your offer.. but make it something to help others ..upfront.. on the backside you can also share what else you are doing online.. This approach works so much better.. try it !

There may be many more reasons why it may not be working for you.. but one thing is for sure.. Safelist Marketing Works,  extra income, and full time income can be achieved.