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Team Stats Nov 11-17 2019

Don't forget 1000 hits a week to your team link qualifies you for new members in your down-line.. Plus also working our training so you can become a team leader of your downline.. These two factors go hand and hand .. and are required ..for your down-line to grow..

Nov 11-17 2019 Gdi Team Stats

Hits/Uniques * Conversions * Conversion Rate

Alan Totals: 4836/1548 -- 8 -- 0.17%

Diane Totals: 8155/2029 -- 32 -- 0.39%

Donald Totals: 1460/670 -- 2 -- 0.14%

Karalee Totals: 2548/948 -- 7 -- 0.27%

Mike Totals: 417/231 -- 1 -- 0.24%

Pat B Totals: 3829/976 -- 6 -- 0.16%

Tapan Totals: 1526/752 -- 3 -- 0.20%

James C
Luke Michael

Hope to see some hits from you next week..

This is a saying to really think about. What are you doing to help not only improve Yourself but your team mates.. Results come from doing , learning, communicating, and consistency.

Luke Michael and James C- happy to have you a part of our team. Get with your team leader and continue on advancing through the steps and improving your leadership skills

Total Leads: 31 - Leads are great , WOW you all did great! Leads are just a start we need to convert those leads into sales. Our team autoresponder helps with this by continuing to send out emails to these leads..

Some will join , some won't we just keep moving forward as we are looking for those that want to learn to earn with us

Our Training : I will be continuing to improve it.. My next step is to add a team leader step because this is what we are looking for here at gdi team elite.

Up and Coming Team Leaders, Alan and Karalee

Post a comment below , love to get your thoughts.. 🙂

Your fearless leader

Diane Mumm

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