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Team Stats Oct 28th-Nov 10th

Don't forget 1000 hits a week to your team link qualifies you for new members in your down-line.. Plus also working our training .. These two factors go hand and hand .. and are required ..for your down-line to grow.. 🙂

Oct 28th - Nov 3th

Clicks/Uniques / Conversions / Conv Rate

Alan Totals: 3028/1390 - 3 - 0.10%
Karalee Totals: 2099/874 - 4 - 0.19%
Diane Totals: 3184/1209 - 6 - 0.19%
Pat Totals: 5614/1074 - 4 - 0.07%
Tapan Totals: 656/353 - 1 - 0.15%
Rae Totals: 30/28 - 1 - 3.33%

9 Subscribers 3 signed up .. Welcome Tapan , Rita and Mike

Nov 4th - Nov 10th

Clicks/Uniques / Conversions / Conv Rate

Alan Totals: 4009/1569 - 7 - 0.17%
Karalee Totals: 394/211 - 1 - 0.25%
Mike Totals: 271/175 - 1 - 0.37%
Pat Totals: 4790/1025 - 1 - 0.02%
Tapan Totals: 965/545 - 1 - 0.10%
Diane Totals: 4728/1573 - 15 - 0.32%
Rae Totals: 30/22 - 0 - 0.00%

13 subscribers 3 signed up .. Welcome Donald, Jasper, and Matthew

Important: Those that were given the team link , and are not producing any hits to the link are not qualified for any new members .. You must maintain 1000 hits a week and also work our training.. We are looking for leaders and building leaders because this is the best way for you to earn online.

We have been having a lot of link requests, but as you know not everyone joins.. but I did touch base last night and emailed all previous requests so a few should come back and join..


You can save these banners to your gdi blog you set up under media and use the link it provides on your viral mailers account under add your banners.. I will create a video on this very soon.. as it is very easy to do..

I hope you appreciate this update as it takes some time to put together..

The stats created are coming from my tracker , Clixtrac.. and it really lets me see what is working and who is working.. 🙂

I posted this in the group , but really want to emphasize how important it is..

Your Daily Routine Online with our Team

Earn Credits so you can Place Ads

Advertise your Team Link

Work on Our Training

Communicate and Interact in our FB Group

Build New Relationships Online

Always be learning new skills

Build your leadership skills by following your team leader

This isn't Hard , but it does take commitment and consistency ..

Don't wait for things to happen , Make them happen

Thank you to all of you that are sticking this out and working the ads and training.. It really is all about being consistent and improving your skills..

Post a comment below.. love to see some interaction from the team..

until next time

Your fearless leader

Diane Mumm

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