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Team Update: April 20-26 2020

Team Update, What can I say... the numbers say it all...

This is the simplest team marketing I have ever seen online... You actually get help as everyone is promoting on everyone's behalf..

If you do not want to help others, then you are in the wrong place..

Who is hunger enough? ... do you really want to earn online?

The numbers are not saying that you do..

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 3679/1103 -- 6

Robert D Totals: 761/135 -- 0

Fran Totals: 228/140 -- 0

Mike C Totals: 1784/569 -- 0

Wilf Totals: 262/206 -- 0

Shouvik Totals: 281/171 -- 0

Dale T Totals: 2378/918 -- 1

Barry Totals: 488/366 -- 0

Nick Totals: 1215/596 -- 0

Leads --9

So where do we go from here.. well I continue to promote... but is it fair to those of us working more numbers to help those that are not producing... I will let you be the judge of that..

Yes it has been slower than usual.. it really has... and it can be pretty frustrating... but challenge yourself to do more and get creative.. because those that do , do more and earn more..

Here what you need


2)place to create lead pages


that's it..

all in the training...

What do you want to see or change? give me your feedback...


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