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Team Update April 28 – May 5

Hello Team,

How was your week? A new week is upon us and I wanted to reach out to you.

GDI Team Elite is growing and you should be excited to know you are on a team of leadership that generally cares how you are doing..

First here is the hit counts this week..

Hit Counts this week..

Sherry -- 6988 hits - (Way to Go)

JoinTeamEite --7721 hits

Hello to our newest member on Sherry's team , Abraham Shehu

KEITH ,Christina ,Marie ,Sandy ,Raimo ,James ,Melvin

Hey team members, make sure and reach out to me to keep moving forward on the training ..

This training is free to you and everyone should be utilizing it , to help you build a solid foundation..

I wanted you also see what I am doing with the gdi's product and service , and my hopes is it will inspire you to do something similar .. If not

take some time to read this post..http:// this may help you decide what you want to do..

Let's make this new week better than the rest.. I am looking for more of you to step up and become a team leader..

I know you can do this..

We have such a great step by step method that works.. but each one has to make it work..

Remember this quote from Jim Rohn:

"If you want to make more money, become MORE VALUABLE to the marketplace

This is exactly why this training is so important.. So are you ready to move to your next step?.. reach out to me this week..

Your team leader

Diane Mumm

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