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Team Update April 6-12th 2020

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 3905/1071 -- 6

Robert D Totals: 1450/491 -- 1

Fran Totals: 1307/521 -- 0

Mike C Totals: 1473/479 -- 3

Wilf Totals: 329/248 -- 0

Heather Totals: 114/87 -- 0

Shouvik Totals: 826/381 -- 2

Okon Totals: 1624/665 -- 0

Dale T Totals: 3039/991 -- 1

Barry Totals: 657/441 -- 0

Nick Totals: 1645/729 -- 5

Leads - 9


Welcome Jayant

If we do not get conversions, signups will not come.. so you all can see what is happening.. your goal is to do something different if where you are mailing is not getting any conversions..

Please consider using other mailers .. of course it is slower right now.. I also see there is many that are not serious about really joining, they ask for the link but no action.. what happens is not sure.. I believe some do not want to put their payment info in... although they get 7 days free..

Lets find serious people... I am and I know you are too, tired of those that do not take action .. I had a few link requests this week... but these people are not really serious otherwise they would of joined right away..

I wish I could get all of you people under you... but it takes everyone to get this done.. lets see how this next week goes.. thank you for being here..

Have a good week


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