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Team Update Aug- Oct 11. 2020

Hi everyone,

As a team leader I give myself permission to revamped how I market online..

In the last few months I got to be honest.. I was rethinking how I am handling my business.

You see, what we do here really depends on  team effort..

Without team effort our business is not going to work out as well.

Because one person can't do it all, it takes a team..

So let me ask you  a few questions, may or may not relate to you.

Why are you thinking about quitting? Why didn't you follow our training? Why do you think this should be easy? Why am I not making any money? why , why why, right?

You see, what you need to know online to really earn long term is specific skills and tasks..

Many won't teach you this? Many just want you to join and get the quick money..

We are different! We , at Team Integrity want you to be able to branch out on your own and be able to earn with any program you choose.

This is why the skills we teach are as important as getting up in the morning.

But how many really want to learn these skills , How many really think to yourself , I can't do this!

Well I have to tell  you.. I learned these skills, was it easy , NO.. but I never had anyone helping me..

I pretty much done this on my own .. We, at Team Integrity , give you the blueprint.. You just have to be open to learn .

So I will not accept you quitting , nor I will not stop growing my business just because you left..

I am moving forward with or without you!

See, I get it.. I get this takes time and money.

I get this is not quick , this is however very rewardable..

So next time you feel like quitting.. Think about why you came online to start with.

Just like everything there is a learning curve. Posting ads and praying for money does not work well.

Learning skills does..

The last few months online have been slow and we know this is some times normal.. During the slow time is a good time to improve your skills, figure out ways to build your list better..

We are looking for leaders to help us grow our business.. If you feel  you are a leader or could develop into one.. talk to your team leader.

You are the only one that will decide , will I be successful or will I just throw in the towel..

I hope you are one of the ones that want to be successful online.

Since mid August I have neglected my duties to send out a team email.. with stats, I apologize to everyone..

I must do better .. revamping a few things takes time..

Is it your turn to do more.. we are here to help , but we are not here to do it for you..

What's New: We have added Prosperity Marketing System into step 2.. This system is for traffic, exclusive training, etc. w/  100 percent commissions. Get with your team leader if you want to join.

Solid platform with longevity online..

Here is what I have for stats..

I changed my tracking so will not have much in those stats.. as I reset it..

Here is the new members:

5 new members joined 

Still getting  join link requests

People come and go with this business and I am sure you have seen it..

but remember we are looking for people that want to learn the skills and want to be a Team Leader.

We give you all the training.  We create a step by step training process..

Your success depends on YOU!

See you on next weeks update!


Team Integrity/Team Leader



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