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Team Update Dec 16-22-2019

Hello team, I want to take this time to wish you happy holidays this Christmas season..

With the new year upon us what will you do online to help you earn more money. I believe we have a few great programs to help you earn.. The problem I see however is many do not want to follow our training , even though it clearly works.. When we say we help you get your 6 paid we really do mean it.. the thing I do see thou is the ability to work for it ..

Yes you must work with the team . I find it a easy concept.. Those that get it have become team leaders.. and some of you are still working towards it .. In the new year each one of you will want to find your 6 that stay committed and know this does not happen fast.. It is slow building .. we build friendships a long the way.

Who is with me for the Year 2020. ? Let me know because those are the people we will work with.. in 2020

Lets get with the stats for Dec 16-22 , 2019.. Great Job everyone, but remember you need a min of 1000 hits per week.. You can always get in touch with me mid week to see how you are doing..

Hits/Uniques -- Conversions

Diane: Totals: 7710/1818 -- 14

Donald: Totals: 1318/718 -- 1

Jasper: Totals: 464/225 -- 2

Pat B: Totals: 1685/1009 -- 4

Tapan: Totals: 924/476 -- 2

James C Totals: 432/150 -- 0

Ladislava 703/504 -- 2

As a team 10 leads - may be time to change lead capture pages to collect more leads..

We Welcome Chris Sutton to GDI Team Elite!

Team Leaders

Alan 458/296 1 ---- 8817/2258--11

Jeffrey 6301 hits 2 leads

So yes it is slower right now but it is expected and nothing to stress about.. The main thing is to keep up with promotion because people are watching and listening..

Here is a few new lead capture pages created in build a biz online.. Make sure and join build a biz under your team leader, great tools and good commissions for the price..



We do recommend babo , and it is included in our training..

Where are you in our training? Please continue .. Looking for team leaders to lead their own downline.. really important ..

Reach out to your team leader ..


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