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Team Update Dec 9-15th


Diane: Totals: 8683/2000 -- 8

Donald: Totals: 1265/710 -- 1

Jasper: Totals: 296/125 -- 0

Karalee: Totals: 99/60 -- 0

Pat B: Totals: 2442/1380 -- 2

Tapan: Totals: 536/362 -- 0

James C Totals: 414/193 -- 0

As a team 10 leads

One thing I noticed this week was I rotated my pages and also the teams pages , just maybe not a good idea .. so will stick with one page for a few weeks, then change it up with a new one .. as the leads are much less than normal..

WELCOME Ladislava Janova


Alan (Team Leader) Totals: 7476 -- 8


Nice Job!

Jeffrey (Team Leader) Totals: 6019 -- 8

CONGRATS Jeffrey, he signed up a new member

WELCOME Thomas Kuptz

Don't forget 1000 hits a week to your team link qualifies you for new members in your down-line.. Plus also working our training so you can become a team leader for your down-line.. These two factors go hand and hand .. and are required ..for your down-line to grow..

All I can say is THOSE members with the team link, we fell short of team hits this week.. The only way this works is we all must get hits to the team link. What do you all want and how are you going to get it?? It takes showing your team leader you are committed and eager to move forward.. Reach out and don't sit back praying for members to be placed under you it only works if we are all working together..

I, Diane Mumm am committed and will continue to help those really working our training and hits.. I know what needs to be done.. I will continue to help and guide you ..

Improvements have been added to our training and I plan to continue to add more as ideas pop into my head on what will help the team..

If you have any ideas on helpful training to add to our team training, let me know..

Have you been to our facebook group lately? Stop over and contribute .. we all learn from each other..

With the holidays approaching, online can get a little slow.. .. we will continue to post ads as much as you can to develop a good working habit online..

Again reach out to your team leader and ask questions.

your friend


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