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Team Update Feb 10-16, 2020

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Alan Totals: 284/217 -- 2
5084 -- 7
2 leads

Jeffrey Totals: 150/95 -- 0
9,509/6,647 unique --14 leads
Chancie has 64/ 51 unique.

Diane: Totals: 9560/2042 -- 19

Donald: Totals: 253/193 -- 0

Jasper: Totals: 1368/475 -- 4

Pat B: Totals: 510/281 -- 2

Ladislava Totals: 20/14 -- 0

Rita Totals: 476/252 -- 1

Okon Totals: 32/29 -- 0

Robert D Totals: 2648/967 -- 6

Fran Total: 3489/877 -- 2

Team leads

How many of you are building your list? We talk about this in our training and it is a absolute necessity to have a autoresponder.. if you plan on earning income online consistently.

Those becoming a team leader will need one .. If you are skipping the tools we recommend let me know what you plan to use ..


This is a really good thought for you to think about.. Those of you not willing to do the steps required , do not expect much to happen.

Our goal here is to acquire team leaders.. Team Leaders that will help their members under them achieve the same results you have.

See, we follow a simple plan..

  1. Receive your team link
  2. Promotion- everyday
  3. Do the training-everyday until completed
  4. Communicate with your team leader
  5. Stay involved with our Facebook group.
  6. Become a Team Leader (not for everyone)
  7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat with every member

I will be creating some new capture lead pages hopefully this week, see it is important to change our lead pages up every now and then...

Today, I got 8 leads alone and I think it was because I changed my Subject line..

Always testing and tweaking this is what everyone should be doing once you start working your own downline... and even before if you like.. I love those willing to step outside the box and take charge..

Have a wonderful week ahead

Place ads like crazy , we must get our leads up

Thank you for being a part of Gdi Team Elite!

Reach out if you need anything

Diane Mumm

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