Training and Support for ‚Äč"GDI Team Elite"

Training and Support for GDI Business

Team Update Feb 24 – March 1, 2020

Hits/Uniques *** Conversions

Alan Totals: 4568    --        9

Mike K Totals: 690/368      --     0

5 leads

Jeffrey Totals: 10,931
11 leads

1 new member
Welcome Bil

Diane: Totals: 10004/2076 -- 17
New Aiop/Gdi System : 303/191 0

Jasper Totals: 1337/482 -- 3

Rita Totals: 555/280 -- 4

Robert D Totals: 3680/1171 -- 5

Fran Totals: 1970/697 -- 4

Mike C Totals: 1445/555 -- 5

Wilf Totals: 376/314 -- 0 (Please no Traffic Exchanges)

Heather Totals: 384/217 -- 0

Mike O Totals: 433/73 -- 3

Team leads

New Team signups

Heather Dake
Shouvik Mazumder
Mike Owens

Don't forget in order to have new members placed under you, 1000 hits a week and you should be working on the training until you get through all the steps..

If you feel you are still waiting, please be patient , as you are not the only one... just know the ones following our simple plan will win in the end..

Together we are looking for people that are serious and not quitting when the first sign of difficulty arrives.. Your goal is to get 6 serious members that will become a team leader and continue to grow your downline.. anything else will not be enough.. Do not settle !

You will see many members come and go . some will come back... some you do not want to come back.. because of lack of commitment or seriousness .. and so on... It does take time but you will love when you have members under you helping you promote.. It is really great how we work this collectively advertising as a team..

Well have a good week ahead... reach out to your team leader and work closely..

Don't forget how important Communication is..

talk soon

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