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Team Update Feb 3-9 , 2020

One thing I learned a long time ago online is you must learn how to refer others into a business to earn.. Sounds simple , right? well it really can be .. but there is a few things you need to consider and implement into your business.

  1. Be Transparent - hiding behind your computer rarely works..
  2. Learn some skills - Always be improving your skills. and mindset..
  3. Follow and do what a leader does.. Leaders lead, Leaders Help, Leaders Earn more...
  4. Know that helping others , builds relationships and builds your income..
  5. Most people earning online are doing what others will not do..
  6. Treat like a business and not a hobby.. work it everyday!
  7. Have fun , this really is suppose to be fun..

I am sure I can list many more but you get the idea..Consider following the lead of those that have done it before you.. We do know what we are doing and really are looking to help you become successful..


Lets get to the Hits for the week Feb 3-9. 2020

Hits/Uniques Conversions Conversion Rate

Alan Totals: 439/303 0 -- 8106 -- 5 -- 4 leads (Alan, knows how to promote)

Diane: Totals: 9000/1993 -- 16

Donald: Totals: 493/360 -- 0

Jasper: Totals: 1281/455 -- 4 (Jasper your in line for a new member)

Pat B: Totals: 192/125 -- 1

Tapan: Totals: 20/19 -- 0

Rita Totals: 521/238 -- 3 (Rita, you are half way there on hits.. stay on the training as well)

Jean Totals: 539/149 -- 0

Okon Totals: 299/225 -- 0

Jeffrey Totals: 278/143 -- 0

Robert D Totals: 2920/1083 -- 1 (Great on the hits Robert)

Fran Total: 2519/714 -- 3 (Fran knows how it is done)


Deborah Carwile ... Joe Gallegos

Jeffrey signed up Chancie Clay

A big shout out to Robert D and Fran A , for earning 1000 hits right from the get go and are eager to be team leaders ..


GDI Team Elite is all about team leadership.. Working as a team, and leading as a team leader.. This is what will create income for you..

Many will not understand nor will do what is necessary , why only they know.. Being a team leader I am again looking for people that follow what we are trying to achieve here at Gdi Team Elite..

If you are not earning yet, ask yourself what are you doing for the team.. what are you doing for yourself , and what can you do more to get some results online..

We have a specific training and it is beyond easy to achieve.. When you follow our proven plan and take time to communicate .. You show you have interest and are willing to help as a team..

This is what works and this is what earns.

Our training is a funnel, a funnel takes all members through a process of learning and joining other programs we use to not only earn but to show you how to go out on your own and create your own business..

You want to learn this folks.. and you want to set aside at least $20- $30 a month to make it happen.. Invest in your business and watch it grow.. Try to do it free and see how much you will earn.. it has never happened this way for me and I have been doing this for a very long time and loving earning online..

Hope this all has set a fire under you... or at least helps you understand what we are doing here with Gdi Team Elite..

I am trying to be as real and as transparent as I can be.. I live by honesty .. and some will get this and some won't ... Some of you have a budget and I totally understand..

The biggest thing you need online is a good program , an autoresponder.... this is a good start..we have this all here ..

Hope you have a wonderful week!


P.S. Reach out anytime to your team leader.. Have you communicated lately?

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