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Team Update Jan 13-19th , 2020

Hits and Conversions

Team Leader Alan Totals: 490/328 -- 0

10795/2515         15                           0.14%

5 leads

Great Job Alan!


Diane --- 9606/1856 -- 7

I also am testing out a new gdi system where I got 4 conversions, and 4 leads .. and quite a bit of hits..

Donald --- 471/326 -- 0

Jasper --- 770/265 -- 1

Pat B--- 4264/1019 -- 2

Tapan --- 36/33 -- 0

James C --- 214/74 -- 0

Ladislava --- 38/33 -- 0

Rita --- 606/272 -- 1

Jean --- 701/405 -- 0

Okon --- 469/291 -- 0

David L --- 40/34 -- 0

Jeffrey --- 42/22 -- 0

Total Leads: 7 leads

Welcome 2 new members to the team

Paul and David, happy to have you a part of our team

Take a look at this photo..

As you can see not a very good week with conversions.. Not sure why so slow but we must do more hits to get better results .. it will improve..if our hits improve..

I want to show you good results and this week we have much room for improvement.. It is a good lesson.. even when things seem slow there is always things we can do..

Change up our team page, find new places to promote.. click on more credits so we can get more hits to the team link.

As you know we are collectively working together, basically we are all helping each other grow our downlines..

Only a few of us are reaching 1000 hits and over.. I am not sure what the issue is with those of you but it just takes more hits .. this means you need to earn more credits .. Simple solution... and you can do this...

If You want to know your hits mid week, email me ... and I can look them up for you..

Take a look at this photo.. my clicks to earn credits thus for for the dates indicated.. I am accountable to the team.. but this is my stats alone, what are you doing for the team?

This next week will be better as I see it improving already.. so no worries.. Everyone now should know what to do and what is required.. so if you are not sure , contact me asap..

Let's have a good week..

your friend


P.S. Don't forget you should be moving forward with your training... everyone's goal should to become a team leader.. Our training helps set you up for just this...

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