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Team Update Jan 27- Feb 2, 2020

What a Great Week!.. I want to thank all of you placing ads, I am so proud and honored to have you on our team..

Let's get to the Hits.

Hits/Uniques --- Conversions

Alan Totals: 429/301 -- 4 -- 9878/2236 --12 -- 10 leads (Alan you amaze me)

Diane: Totals: 10469/2185 -- 21
New System 1513/542 -- 0

Donald: Totals: 348/252 -- 1 (A little ways to go , but you can do this)

Jasper: Totals: 1018/387 -- 4 ( Wow .. You did it again Jasper)

Pat B: Totals: 420/244 -- 1

James C Totals: 25/20 -- 0

Rita Totals: 661/308 -- 4 (Keep working Rita, not far to go)

Jean Totals: 667/322 -- 2 (Jean you are getting there)

Okon Totals: 940/534-- 3 (Okon you are so close to 1000 hits)

David L Totals: 145/119 -- 2

Shahid Totals: 144/96 -- 1

Jeffrey Totals: 4221/1271 -- 5 ( Thank You Jeffrey)

Robert D Totals: 1285/602 -- 7 (Newcomer, killing it already)

Total Leads, 22 Leads

New Members that joined us - Robert D, Fran A, Wilf O , Nelson C

Simple requirements, 1000 hits a week, and get through our training..

Whats been going on!

I have made the decision to add the new GDI/AIOP marketing system to the training.. You will see it throughout our training.. it will be a great tool for all to use.

The GDI/AIOP system also includes the AIOP autoresponder. If you are looking for a autoresponder I recommend either Traffic wave or AIOP.. all is in the training so as you get to it... choose one because this is something you need if you plan to build a list and grow your income..

We will however continue with our current training , the gdi/aiop system is just a great addition..

One of the most important components to earning online is building relationships, communicating with your list, and helping others ..

Let me know if you would like to see something more in our training.. suggestions, ideas... etc...

Lets keep our advertising rocking and keep moving forward on our training.. Team Leader should be your goal..

talk soon,


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