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Team Update Jan 6 – 12 2020

Hello Team, Hope you are doing well..

We had some really great hits this week.. Wow you all , so proud of you.. Thank you for working so hard.. Remember 1000 hits a week gets you qualified for new members.. You can reach out mid week to see how you are doing on hits..

Many of you are not continuing with the training.. get in touch with your team leader .. as you know your team leader has gone through the training and it is more important than you think..

Hits/Uniques and Conversions

Diane: 10147/2119 -- 10

Donald: 593/395 -- 3

Jasper: 667/304 -- 2

Pat B: 3504/860 -- 4

Tapan: 56/43 -- 1

James C Totals: 247/124 -- 0

Ladislava 38/33 -- 0

Rita 531/278 -- 0

Jean 762/434 -- 0

Okon 56/42 -- 1

Vijay 73/54 -- 0

Total Leads: 19

Welcome New Members: Jean , Andrew , Vijay, Andree


Alan our team leader hits and signups

10273/2455 387/282 -- 14

New Member: Welcome Marianela

A big GET WELL SOON to one of our team leaders (Jeffrey) thinking of you .. Hope to see you back soon!

A big SHOUT OUT to Allan , one of our team leaders.. he has been doing extremely well referring new members .. and not afraid to ask questions.. 🙂

A quick checklist for all members:

1. Communicate with your team leader

2. Post Your Ads Daily

3. Ask mid week how you are doing on hits

4. Continue with the training , even when you are promoting ..

5. Contribute in our Facebook group.

This is what it takes my friends... and we look for those of you willing to follow..

Have a wonderful week..


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