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Team Update June 22-28th , 2020

Hi Team, here is the team update

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 2565/914 -- 4
1798/766 -- 4

Mike C Totals: 237/126 -- 1

Dale T Totals: 198/124 -- 0

Nick Totals: 102/34 -- 0

James K Totals: 295/173 -- 1

Kris Totals: 782/354 -- 1 (should be now producing hits for Mike C)

Steve P Totals: 445/372 -- 0 ( Is now producing hits for Dale T)

Team Leads

New Team Signups for the Week- Great Week everyone
Charles Chow
Payal Pathak

Remember 1000 hits a week and working through the training to be eligible for paid members..

We now have 2 additional team leaders, Mike C and Dale T... They have already taken over their downline and are working with them.. This is how we do this here at GDI Team Elite..

If you want to advertise with us , get with your team leader to get your own team link..

If you are not earning online.. participate with our team .. It is real simple and it works.. but this is a slow and steady business.. Expect to work at your business everyday to see some return..

Reach out to your team leader, questions, ask..

Have a great week!


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