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Team Update June 24th-30th 2019

Hi Team, how are you?

This is Diane Mumm, your upline, or team leader, and friend.

How did we do as a team this week June 24-30th.

As a team we brought in a 2 new members this week..

Joseph Chidiebere
Thorsten Burk


Big News Jeffrey Freeman is now a TEAM LEADER


So how is our team's training progress for this last week? You all are progressing well.. I would love to get everyone a team link so we can all promote together.. This should make a huge difference in our signups..

Get through step 4 .. and you will receive a team link..

Joey and Sherry are on step 16 (Team Leaders)
Jeffrey is on step 11 ( Team Leader)
Robert is on step 8
Briggs is on step 3---Jermaine is on step 3 --- Joseph on step 1
Thorsten is on step 3 - Eric is on step 1

Those of you just enjoying our service, if you ever want to earn with these products, please contact me ..

If I missed anyone, let me know..

Way to go team!


Hits to our team page THIS LAST WEEK are:

Robert 396
Jeffrey 6374
Diane 10549
Joey and Sherry 20,236

Total as a team we had 31 double opt in subscribers .

Combined as a team, 10 people asked for either the join link or more info.

Hits Create Signups. Well Done Everyone..The more hits you can produce the more new members will come.

Minimum of 1000 hits per week, (easy peasy right) and 
"What are the qualifications for getting my six?" .So here’s how it works. After a team member can prove they can get their 1000 hits a week for a few weeks, and achieve getting to step 9, then I start putting people under them. There may be exceptions to this but will be rare as you need this training down not only in your skills but your mindset as well. We want you all to become Team Leaders , but we also know it is relatively up to you to stay the course and work our plan..

Of course, those who have reached Step Nine first are in the front of the line..Having said that, it is definitely worth the wait to support the team and get to be a leader. Once you become a leader you will have your team helping to grow your business and your email list 10x faster than you would on your own!

Did you see our new team lead capture page?- All that promote the team link , this is the page right now in promotion and it is working very well.. as you can see from the subscribers this week..

Reach out to me this week.. I do not know if you are needing assistance if you are not communicating.. 

TIP: To get attention from your Team Leader , all it takes is communication and doing the 16 steps . I believe everyone can follow directions.. but are you hungry enough to actually put in the effort to get help earning your 6 paid members.? This is the question to ask yourself. Remember your team leader is here for you..

This weeks notes to members:

So I want to emphasize getting members under you is a team effort.. Everyone needs to do their part .. It seems some do have different expectations but in reality everyone will get the 6 but it does depend on your effort as well.. We do it this way as we want Leaders on our team..

We want to work with those that are willing to work the training and are communicating with their team leader.. I am really happy with those that understand what they need to do .. We are creating Team Leaders.. and that is our goal here..



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