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Team Update June 8-14 2020

Hi Team, I hope today finds you well ..

Our mission at Gdi Team Elite is to help you learn the primary principles of earning online.. We show you the tools that are needed to build your list. We show you how to create lead pages, track your progress and so much more..

If you are not learning these important principles then how can you ever earn and be independent online..

Building your List is No 1- this is why we use a autoresponder (Traffic Wave)

How many of you are building your own list right now.. ? How many of you know how to do this? We show you how to do all of this at gdi team elite..

Once you start building your own list as a team leader and helping your team , earning online will continue to grow.

For now some of you are just working the hits.. Your hits, which the goal is to turn into conversions then leads.. really help grow our team list.. Our team list is where new members come.. it is really exciting!

This is why I created the training we have for our team.. I feel it is really important if you plan to be serious online.

So as a team we help support everyone that is willing to learn to earn.. It is a great feeling when you start to understand the process of affiliate , internet marketing..

Lets get to the Team Stats for week June 8-14

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Diane: Totals: 3576/1187 -- 6

Robert D Totals: 103/80 -- 0

Mike C Totals: 1230/432 -- 3 (Awesome)

Dale T Totals: 4392/1425 -- 3 (Super)

Nick Totals: 165/101 -- 1

James K Totals: 349/155 1

Charles Totals 196/151 -- 1

Kris Totals 944/433 -- 1

Steve P Totals 2066/759 -- 1 (Fantastic)

Remember: 1000 hits a week and working through our training to become a team leader.. These are the people that will be the first to get new members under them.

Team Leads: 11 , leads are up , YAY!

Team Signups: 3

Abdulwahab G -- Brian A -- Lisa S

Reach out to your team leader if you need help.. We are here .. Have a great week everyone


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  1. Great Job everyone!

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