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Team Update Mar 2-8th 2020

HI Team, check out our new Facebook banner .. Hope you like it! and I hope you have been coming to our group to see what is going on with GDI.

So how is everyone doing? We had a pretty good week... the hits are fantastic and appreciate those of you doing your part.. This is what it is all about..

We have two upcoming team leaders : Robert D and Fran A.. they are almost through the training and their hits and are in line to be a leader soon... It is Exciting!

Being a team leader is not hard but you must give of your time to your team.. which I feel is very rewarding..

Lets get to the weeks stats..

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Alan Totals: 5230/1887 -- 9

Mike K Totals: 488/243 -- 0

7 Leads

Diane: Totals: 9599/2053 -- 12
New Aiop/Gdi System : 218/150 -- 1

Jasper: Totals: 1118/435 -- 3

Rita Totals: 437/237 -- 1

Robert D Totals: 3837/1203 -- 4

Fran Totals: 2356/748 -- 4

Mike C Totals: 1544/595 -- 6

Wilf Totals: 205/165 -- 0

Heather Totals: 1928/809 -- 6

Mike O Totals: 1351/140 -- 2

Shouvik Totals: 935/468 -- 0

Team leads

New signups

Barry Thigpen Sr
Sara Looker

Quick Tip: When you see someone placed under you.. Send them a quick email welcoming them.. If you are not a team leader yet, your team leader does take care of the training until you become one..

1000 hits a week, and working through the training will put you in line for new members.. but remember we are working with more than you.. be patient do your part and people will be placed under you...

As I leave you today I want to thank you so much for helping with the hits to your team link... When we work together , new members come ...

One last thing , training is so important and I hope you feel it is important as well... if we all do the training steps this duplicates and believe me it works...

3 new banners you can use.. I created these at build a biz, a program we use ... it is under banner builders..

have a wonderful day ... reach out if you have questions..

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