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Team Update Mar 9-15th 2020

Hi to all team members,

As I look around and see our team progressing, I am proud of those of you that understand what is needed to work this as a team..

2 new team leaders are coming , as Robert and Fran are now on the final step which is our duplication step.. I am extremely proud of them ..

Image result for way to go

Once you follow the training steps and do the hits , your goal is to become a leader.. Leaders gain authority and are able to take over their downline and continue to build ..

This works great because once you have members under you all promoting a team link this grows your list pretty fast.. and new members come frequently ..

The way we work this training and hits is just brilliant.. If you can't see why then please get more involved because take it from me.. Once you have members working under you , producing hits you will see the results daily..

Thank You to those of you understanding what is needed to advance on our team..

Lets get to the results this week.. amazing to say the least..

Hits/Uniques VS Conversions

Diane: Totals: 9673/1976 -- 21
New Aiop/Gdi System : 317/191 -- 0

Robert D Totals: 4858/1213 -- 8

Fran Totals: 2217/649 -- 3

Mike C Totals: 1959/649 -- 5

Wilf Totals: 349/252 -- 0

Heather Totals: 1799/814 -- 4

Mike O Totals: 2807/301 -- 2

Shouvik Totals: 826/418 -- 0

Jasper Totals: 597/277 -- 2

James C Totals 311/168 -- 0

Your goal when producing hits is to post your ads on several different safelist/mailers , posting on the same ones every day sometimes does not produce conversions.. so keep that in mind .. ok

Team Leads

New Signups

Neal McDowell
Jay Dunker
Rickey Roe

Team members remember to get new members under you , you must continue working through all the steps of the training and 1000 hits a week.. This is not hard to do ..

Have you been to our group lately? How about making it a goal to post once a week , being a question , positive post, etc... I can't do this alone and now is not the time to quiet.. 🙂

Have a great week

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