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Team Update March 16-22th , 2020

Hi team members, I am so proud of each one of you , working hard on the hits this week..

It has been a great week!

How would you like to have a team of members promoting your team link? well you can... follow our training and get ready to become a team leader.. Always looking for new leaders to join us.. this is how you continue to grow your team once you get your 6 paid members..

Let's get to the hits..

Hits/Uniques -- Conversions

Diane: Totals: 11524/2209 -- 13

Robert D Totals: 3750/1048 -- 4

Fran Totals: 2537/691 -- 2

Mike C Totals: 1572/529 -- 1

Wilf Totals: 342/254 -- 0

Heather Totals: 1150/560 -- 1

Mike O Totals: 2188/268 -- 1

Shouvik Totals: 871/373 -- 1

James C Totals: 212/112 -- 0

Okon Totals: 232/165 -- 0

Hits are good, but so are conversions... if you do not have any , then there is a few things you can do... more hits , and new places to advertise..

Team Leads

New Signups

Peter C
Herbert M
Santhosh A
Dale T

A few reminders:

Communicate with your team leader

Participate on our Facebook group

Continue the training

1000 hits a week

Enjoy your week, and STAY SAFE EVERYONE..

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