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Team Update May 18-24th 2020

Hi Team, it was a great week for new members.. WTG...

Scrabble, Dream Big, Note, Message, Quote

Hits/Uniques Conversions

Here are our team stats

Diane: Totals: 3613/1069 -- 17

Robert D Totals: 100/80 -- 1

Mike C Totals: 1931/576 -- 1

Dale T Totals: 5498/1581 -- 2

Barry Totals: 119/42 -- 0

Nick Totals: 665/316 -- 1

James K Totals: 135/77 -- 1

Team Leads

6 New Team Signups for the Week- Great Week everyone
Jade D - under Bianca
Gary M -under Shouvik
Steve P - under Dale T
Andre S- under Mike C
James K- under Mike C
Alexa J- under Anthony

Creative, Be Creative, Write, Bulb, Idea, Paper, Pen

Being creative is also a part of marketing online. If you want to be noticed online and get others to follow you.. You will need to get creative and find ways to do what others are not doing..

How can I do this?

  1. Create videos , video does much better letting others get to know you
  2. Create a Facebook Page
  3. Create a YouTube channel

How to do these steps is not as hard as you think.. Google and Youtube has all the info you need to learn how to do something creative..

Give it a try!.. I have and it has helped me be seen as a serious online marketer..

Let me know if you need anything, or have questions

Have a great week


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