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Team Update Nov 18-24 2019

Hello Team!

Hits/Uniques * Conversions * Conversion Rate

Alan Totals: 6093/1774 -- 7 -- 0.11%

Diane Totals: 7010/1803 -- 13 -- 0.19%

Donald Totals: 2388/1265 -- 2

Karalee Totals: 910/432 -- 3 -- 0.33%

Mike Totals: 120/82 -- 0 -- 0.00%

Pat B Totals: 3106/822 -- 6 -- 0.19%

Tapan Totals: 1236/671 -- 2 -- 0.16%

Luke Michael Totals: 79/46 -- 0 -- 0.00%

Don't forget 1000 hits a week to your team link qualifies you for new members in your down-line.. Plus also working our training so you can become a team leader for your downline.. These two factors go hand and hand .. and are required ..for your down-line to grow..

The rest of you have a team link, Let's see some hits next week..

James C
Sheron and Jasper

15 Converted Leads

Welcome John Preshiren to our team!

We had a lot of link requests, but still looking for serious people that actually want to work this and learn skills to improve your earnings online..

I am still working and perfecting our training.. I hope you will use the training and advance to team leader..

Everyone should want to become a Team Leader.. since we are team based it is all about helping our down-line..

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends, Let me know how you are doing and lets keep moving forward..

your leader

Diane Mumm

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