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Team Update Oct 12-18th 2020


New team page was added TO the team url rotator for those working with me..

We now have 5 lead pages in rotation.

New Members: WELCOME

Steven Workman

His stats this week  1358/604-- 2 conversions- NICE JOB STEVEN!

Diane's hits/conversions-  8172/1875 --11 conversions

15 Leads Total

Steve Perkins is our new TEAM LEADER.. He is now working his own lcp pages and building his own list.. which is really exciting.. list building is where new members come from.. 

Link Requests have been numerous.. not sure why people ask then do not communicate nor signup.. although what does happen some times is they get on a different team ( problem with cookies) so sometimes we lose referrals which is a bummer .. this is why everyone should be cleaning your computer before you join programs.. everything is tracked and tracked for up to 30 days I believe..

If you are still an active member and would like to get involved with our advertising so we can help you build a team under you.. get with your team leader asap..

Reminder: to qualify for paid members, training and 1000 hits/ week  are required .. Not hard just takes some focusing..

How do you win online, how do you earn online , YOU DON'T QUIT WHEN THINGS GET UNCOMFORTABLE..hard, slow , not earning, etc.. we all experience this .. it is those that stick it out and absorb all the training. and do what is required by your team leader that will gain the most. 

This is why communication is really important with our team. We must talk to each other. This  is why SKYPE  is an valuable tool we recommend to everyone when they join. Have you downloaded this free tool yet? 

Realize, earning online takes some skills.. do you know how to build a list? do you know how to build your own lead capture pages? , do you know how to track your ads? .. we teach you all of this.. and once you get this all figured out .. You will excel online..

Reach out ..


skype @ diane.mumm

Team Leader @ Team Integrity






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