Training and Support for "GDI Team Elite"

Training and Support for GDI Business

Team Update Oct 19- Oct 25th 2020

How is everyone doing? Reach out  and make things happen.

Welcome New Members

David B


How are you team leaders doing? reach out!

Steve P, Mike C, Dale T

We had a good week in link requests with 11 leads.

Diane's Hits / conversions

6854/1488 9

Steve W hits/conversions

306/187 0

Many of you are using gdi services and not interested in the affiliate side.. that is fine.. If any of you want to learn to earn with gdi, contact your team leader, today..


Things to do as team leaders:

Lead capture pages creation

Work on your autoresponder emails

Continue communication with your team members

Things to do as team members:

Maintain 1000 hits a week

Get through the training

Communicate with your team leader


Have a great week,


Team Leader/Team Integrity



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