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Team Updates and Hits June 3-9th 2019

Hi teammates, this is Diane Mumm, your upline, or team leader, and friend.

Today we will go over the progress our our team for the week June 3-9th.

As a team we brought in some new members this week..

Jeffrey's  new members this week..

Wim , Ronald, Madlyn, Jermaine

Joey and Sherry's new member is Eric Loney

Welcome all to our gdi team elite.


So how is our team's training progress for this last week?

Joey and Sherry are on step 15
Jeffrey is on step 7
Madlyn is on step 5
Robert is on step 4
Briggs is on step 3
Jermaine is on step 2

If I missed anyone, reply back to this email.. I am only human.. 🙂

Way to go team!


Hits to our team page are:

Joey and Sherry's hits 18652
Jeffrey's hits 6468
Madlyn's hits 1560 
Diane's hits 9991

Hits Create Signups. Well Done Everyone..

Minimum of 1000 hits per week, (easy peasy right) and 
"What are the qualifications for getting my six?" .So here’s how it works. After a team member can prove they can get their 1000 hits a week for a few weeks, and achieve getting to step 9, then I start putting people under them. There may be exceptions to this but will be rare as you need this training down not only in your skills but your mindset as well. We want you all to become Team Leaders , but we also know it is relatively up to you to stay the course and work our plan..

Of course, those who have reached Step Nine first are in the front of the line..Having said that, it is definitely worth the wait to support the team and get to be a leader. Once you become a leader you will have your team helping to grow your business and your email list 10x faster than you would on your own!


Several people asked for our team link.
We had several subscribers as well.
I am really thrilled with our duplication that is going on within our team. 

Remember there is no hurry to get through the training.. We want you to be ready to be a Team Leader but only when you are ready.. and have the knowledge and foundation of this business set up.


One thing I want to talk about is Branding You , Creating Your Own Brand.. Do people know you online..? Are you building relationships?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how important do you feel branding yourself online is?

Ways to brand you..

Start creating videos

Add your photo or some picture that represents you to everything you are creating online.

Add your name attached to anything you are promoting. and if you arecomfortable add your phone number, skype is a
great way.. email not so much as people can use it to spam

Place value online , such as marketing tips, training , free ebook , etc

What would set you apart from everyone else? Creating your
own splash pages, your own training, etc..Give away free
stuff to build your list.

Most of you know that people will join people they know,
like and trust.. Have you shown this online or have you
just been pitching business after business..?? Are you using the companies replicated pages or learning how to build your own while building your list?

So Know- Like- Trust are key..

Reach out to other marketers that have been around for
awhile, introduce yourself but never pitch them..

Stop spamming ! The worst way to brand yourself is to spam
other marketers , a list you have opted in to for more information and then you turn around and spam them your offers.. Not cool! and you can do so much better than this..

My hopes are this has got you thinking and maybe you will implement some of these ideas when you market online..


In conclusion: make it a point everyday to market online..get in touch with your upline, mentor, etc. Everyday keep growing your mind and developing new skills.. In no time at all you will look back and say I was there once.. but decided to listen and do and then show others what I have learned..

Reach out to me.. those of you , ( you know who you are) I want to know how you are doing and if I can help you in anyway..

Success does start with YOU! Let's talk soon!

your friend,


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