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Team Updates May 12- May 19

Hi team, Hope you had a wonderful week?

This is Diane Mumm, your upline and friend..

We continue to get interest in our team based business.

Sherry and Joey had 5650 hits this week..

Diane had 7546 hits this week.

Congrats to to Joey and Sherry they have reached 6 members now and are close to reaching team leader status , once she gets through step 9 and 6 paid members team leader status will be theirs..

Jeffrey is on step 3 already and very eager to learn and earn.

Christine is on step 4 and working towards getting her blog setup and getting the $25 learning bonus completed

Melvin is on step 2

Briggs is on step 2

Charlie is on step 1

FYI: The team link is handed out once you get through step 4 and have your learning bonus and blog setup.. Everything is in the training steps.. ..It is done this way so you get a good foundation setup and in line to get the free $25 bonus..In the meantime you can advertise your replicated url or your capture page. If you have questions about this , contact me..

Our team link has been handed out to more and more people , so the interest is there , which is quite exciting.

We added 2 new members this week, welcome again to Briggs and Jeffrey .

Collectively as a team this happens.. If you want to be a part of it get in touch with your upline or direct sponsor.

Do you want to earn with us? All you need to do once you get through step 4 is to maintain 1000 hits , this sets you up to be qualified to receive new members under you and become a team leader as well..

Have you joined our new Facebook group.. Love to have you..

If we haven't talked in a while , it is time to reach out so I can help you..

your friend

Diane Mumm

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