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Team Updates May 19- May 26

Hi team, Hope you are having a wonderful weekend?

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This is Diane Mumm, your upline and friend..

We continue to get interest in our team based business. Right before I started this email to you I sent out one of our members link to someone.. 🙂

Sherry and Joey had 3779 hits this week..

Diane had 8165 hits this week.

Congrats to to Joey and Sherry they are now Team Leaders as they reached 6 paid members in their downline and completed up to step 9.

So do you want to be a Team Leader: In order to be considered a team leader you will need 6 paid members ( as a team we help each other) and advance through step 9. Plus when you are a team leader you get your affiliate links added to the training. This is powerful! As additional income happens.

Our training and system we have in place works! but it does require YOU to make it happen.

So how is the team doing? .. some of you are enjoying the product as customers and some are wanting to earn some income.

Jeffrey is on step 4 and getting everything setup to produce 1000 hits a week.

Christine , Melvin, Briggs , Charlie, Marie, Sandy, James, Raimo, James B,Keith, and Abraham please reach out to me and let me know how the training is going.. or if you would like to start our training.. I help those that communicate and reach out to me.. We work together to create your success..

Here is a great video, please take a moment and listen.. and Start planting your seeds in your business. Water it and Believe!

Reach out and let's chat soon! Look forward to helping you grow and earn online.

your team leader

Diane Mumm

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