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Team Updates May 27- June 2, 2019

Hello Team,

I hope you had a great week , and weekend.. Where does the time go.. 

Here is our weekly update and hit counts.. I am looking for more of you to join our team  advertising .

Don't forget to join our facebook group and participate and ask questions.

Here is how a few members have done this week.. Hits create signups.. Once you learn how easy this is , you will be addicted.. 🙂

Jeffrey had 2017 hits (up to step 4)

Joey had 7939 hits (Team Leader)

Diane had 8000 hits (Team Leader)

As a team we brought in 2 new members, Welcome Bob Frank and Victor Courville.

Many of you are working on our training at your own pace. The best advice I can give you is take your time and do the steps in order. Don't think you can do this alone. We as a team work together this is why this business duplicates.

We continue to grow and the interest this last week has been amazing..

We need a few more people to help us grow this team. When you get through step 4 , you will be ready to receive the team link. 

I am looking for Team Leaders, those that will help and support our team. If this is you then let's chat soon.

I did a post sometime ago about You Must Know Your Why- What’s Your Why​  There is a reason why you came online looking for a way to change your life.. a way to create income .. what is it? Once you narrow this down you will know your purpose and this will drive you to work hard to achieve success..

I hope we can connect soon.. 

your team leader

​Diane Mumm

P.S. FYI: The team link is handed out once you get through step 4 and have your learning bonus and blog setup.. Everything is in the training steps.. ..It is done this way so you get a good foundation setup and in line to get the free $25 bonus..In the meantime you can advertise your replicated url or your capture page. If you have questions about this , contact me..

P.S.S Get 1000 free credits at my mailer , Mountain High Mailer.. Just reply back saying you read this new post and I will add it manually on my mailer.. If you have not joined my mailer yet , Let me know..

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  1. Hi Diane,

    I have just finished reading your team update for this week. It is informative, interesting and uplifting as usual. Enjoy the rest of the week. God Bless.

  2. I have not joined your mailer yet. So I would need your url for signing up.

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