Training and Support for "GDI Team Elite"

Training and Support for GDI Business

Team Updates May 5- May 12

Hi team, How was your week?

This is Diane Mumm, your upline and friend..

Our team is  growing and I am finding this quite rewarding to see people going through the training.

Sherry and Joey had 6163 hits this week..

Diane had 9335 hits this week

Christine is on step 4 and working towards getting her blog setup and getting the $25 learning bonus completed

Melvin is on step 2

Our team is adding more and more subscribers each week.. Several people asked for our link. Which is really exciting!

We added 3 new members this week, welcome again to Abraham, James, and Charles.. 

Make sure and reach out and get started on your training so you too can become a team leader and start growing your income.

I want to stress how important communication is . Many people come online wanting to earn a income but they don't realize how important it is to build relationships and to communicate with your upline and your downline. Without communication  and building relationships  with others it will be very hard for you to earn online. 

The business  we are in with Team GDI Elite  requires team work.. how does that go Team Work Makes Dream Work 

Things to be working on if you haven't 

$25 learning bonus

Your blog set up.. 

and be moving toward getting your 1000 hits , this sets you up to be qualified to receive new members under you and become a team leader as well..

All of this is in the training steps... 

You know who you are, that haven't reach out in a while. If you want to earn with us..  you will have to work harder and start working the steps we have in place. You can do this!

Look forward to talking with more of you this week..

your friend

Diane Mumm

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  1. Diane thanks I have more time and will work to get this done.

  2. Hi Diane,

    My week was good. Thank you for the team update.
    I am still working on step4 and getting close
    to advertising my team link. I will talk to you soon.

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