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Team Updates Nov 25- Dec 1

Congrats to Alan , he is our new Team Leader.. so proud of his willingness to learn and move forward .. He understands how it works online and it is a breath of fresh air..

Now Alan gets to lead his own team, use his own links and is capable of earning additional income with our programs we use..

He will be a great leader and is willing to continue to improve and learn.. a biggie in this industry..

Team Stats

Hits/Uniques Conversions Conversion Rate

Alan : Totals: 4742/1487 -- 7 -- 0.15%

Diane: Totals: 7989/1995 -- 20 -- 0.25%

Donald: Totals: 1760/930 -- 6 -- 0.34%

Jasper: Totals: 19/15 -- 0 -- 0.00%

Karalee: Totals: 207/117 -- 2 -- 0.97%

Pat B: Totals: 5691/850 -- 2 -- 0.04%

Tapan: Totals: 781/501 -- 2 -- 0.26%

If your name is not on here, then ask yourself why... Training is provided and the steps are simple.. Remember 1000 hits a week qualifies you for new members.. plus advancing in our training..

25 leads - well done..

Several again, asked for our team link.. so signups should come..must be patient as the holiday week kinda slowed things down..

As your team leader, I am still looking for people that will step up and help others .. Our goal is working as a team.. it is a team effort posting ads, getting leads and working our training..

What do you really want? are you willing to work for it? this is something to ask yourself..Really looking for serious people..

Here is a new lead page I created tonight.. nothing fancy but believe me it will convert.. once you get to team leader status you will learn how to create your own pages and learn everything I do ..

How many of you have your gdi blog setup? are you using it?

How is the training going? Have you communicated lately?

As a team leader I continue to improve my skills , my leadership and pass this down to those of you willing to receive..

Thank you all who are working hard.. keep doing so.. I notice those that are actually following lead of GDI Team Elite.. 🙂

your team leader or upline


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