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You Need Website Traffic-Below is a list of Safe lists & Viral Mailers that Deliver Traffic- Click on each Banner Sign Up Free Now..

Don’t know anything about safelist marketing well this will help you greatly.. and it is FREE– Do this First Thing before signing up for any safelists..


You can also have access to my safelist training .. I go into much more detail on what I feel is important for you to know. You can access that training here How to dominate safelists..

Safelist email advertising is simple , safe, fast way to get your business or offer in front of thousands of people a day.  This is a good starting point if you are new to online affiliate marketing or even if you are like me have been working online for some time now..

How to make clicking on ads fun.. Use TEMBrowser. You still are viewing ads and you still are clicking on matching icons.. but this helps speed up the process..

Depending on your membership will dictate how often you can mail . There are many more safelists you can join.. this list below is a good start.. Will be adding more so come back soon!

Click on each banner and signup your free account and start mailing to hungry internet marketers..

Tip: Right click open in new window.. 


More mailers I found are active and have provided conversions. Just click on each link and join for free..

Viral Links Pro
Website Traffic Hog
Your Viral
Viral Commissions
Viral Ads Mailer
Traffic Classic
The Evolution Mailer
State of the Art Mailer
Send to Mailboxes
Richy Rich Mailer

Red Stag Mailer
Prospect Geyser Coop
Proactive Mailer
No Marketer Left Behind
Mail Your Offers
Mail This List
Advertising for Success
Ads Messenger

Mail Our List
Mailer Cashin
Mailer 4 all
List Surfing
List Jumper
List Impact
List Mailer Plus

List Compass
List Bonus
List Avail
Leads n Profits
Jones Fritz Marketing
Instant Viral Mailer
Golden Op Safelist
Free Safelist King
Free Advertising for You

Free Ads for All
For Serious Marketers
Classic Solo
Build My Downline
Big Mailer
AE Mailer